Favorite Albums

1. The 1975

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Simply put, it's one of the best albums I've ever heard by my favorite band currently making music. I would recommend this album to anyone I've ever known. 

"I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)"

Top Track:

5. Anderson .Paak


My only complaint about this album was that it wasn't released in the Summer because it's full of absolute bangers that need to be listened to with the windows down. But it's 20 degrees out sooo.

"Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar)"

Top Track:

9. Father John Misty

God's Favorite Customer

Sometimes sadness is best served in the form of the best album of your career. Father John Misty courageously took his real life blues and crafted them into something both emotional and honest.

"Mr. Tillman"

Top Track:

13. Arctic Monkeys

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

This isn't your every day Arctic Monkeys album and for that, I appreciate it even more. Any established band that breaks the mold and tries something new deserves praise - even more so when it works.

"One Point Perspective"

Top Track:

17. Snail Mail


Lindsey Jordan's debut solo effort is just lovely - that's really the best way to describe it. A little heartbreaking, a little cold - but also sort of uplifting and warm? I know that's contradicting but just trust me on this one.


Top Track:

21. Trace Mountains

A Partner To Lean On

To be honest, if I had gotten into this album sooner it probably would be higher on my list but I just haven't had the time with it I would have liked to. So be better than me, give it the amount of listens it deserves.

"Turn Twice"

Top Track:

25. Kanye West


Kanye West with his heart on his sleeve is my favorite kind of Kanye West. While I feel like this album was held back due to him trying to release so much music at once, if it's a sign of things to come I'm excited for 2019.

"Violent Crimes"

Top Track:

29. Porches

The House

This album is so damn cool. I feel like a lot of publications will miss this one just because it's been out for nearly a year now but that's a shame because it might even be my favorite Porches release thus far.

"Find Me"

Top Track:

33. Foxing

Nearer My God

Foxing is doing things that other bands wish they could do. They pick up where bands like As Tall As Lions left off in creating indie rock jams with experimental elements that give you something new each time you listen.

"Grand Paradise"

Top Track:

37. The Wonder Years

Sister Cities

The Wonder Years are one of those bands that just get better with each album - with that being said, 'Sister Cities' is not only their best but also their most mature. So long, pop-punk, these new vibes are here to stay.

"Pyramids of Salt"

Top Track:

2. Earl Sweatshirt

Some Rap Songs

This album doesn't make any sense but at the same time it makes perfect sense. There are no hooks, no singing - these are just "some rap songs" and I mean that in the best way possible.

"The Mint (feat. Navy Blue)"

Top Track:

6. Car Seat Headrest

Twin Fantasy

While this is technically a re-recording or re-release or whatever you want to call it, this updated version just perfects a modern classic. It's one of my favorite albums in it's final form and it's wonderful.

"Nervous Young Inhumans"

Top Track:

10. Blood Orange

Negro Swan

The minimalist approach to the latest Blood Orange record is something you must warm up to but once you do, you realize its true beauty. Dev Hynes knocks it out of the park once again with this masterpiece.

"Charcoal Baby"

Top Track:

14. The Sidekicks

Happiness Hours

I feel like this is the most underrated album on this list and the one I'll see on the least amount of other publications' lists. 'Happiness Hours' is an indie rock gem and I'll be listening to it for years to come.

"Mix For A Rainy Day"

Top Track:

18. Choker


Are you like me and just sit around all day waiting for Frank Ocean to drop a new album? If so, give this album a spin sometime very soon. It's a fantastic substitution for the time being. This guys just gets it.

"Starfruit LA"

Top Track:

22.  Kacey Musgraves

Golden Hour

I don't dislike country music, I simply dislike 99% of radio pop-country because I genuinely think it's terrible. Kacey is the exception to that rule because she has perfected pop-country with her masterful songwriting.

"Slow Burn"

Top Track:

26. Death Cab For Cutie

Thank You For Today

While Death Cab For Cutie still isn't everything that they used to be, this is the closest they have come in a decade to capturing that same magic. Just a solid indie rock record and an absolute return to form.

"Summer Years"

Top Track:

30. Smino


Leave it to Smino to swoop in at the final hour to release one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. But I'm not mad about that in the least bit. Throw this thing out if you're feeling soft and let Smino guide you into the new year. 


Top Track:

34. S. Carey

Hundred Acres

It seems as though S. Carey will forever live in the shadows of Bon Iver which is kind of a shame considering how brilliant his work is. But as long as that doesn't cause him to stop making music, I suppose it's fine with me.

"Fool's Gold"

Top Track:

38. Hop Along

Bark Your Head Off, Dog

I first heard about Hop Along in Mark Hoppus' 'Hi My Name Is Mark' podcast and have been a fan ever since. They're right on track to becoming one of the most important bands of the modern indie era.

"How Simple"

Top Track:

3. Brockhampton


After releasing three albums last year, the Brockhampton boys went through a lineup change, took some time off and honed in on their craft in order to make their best effort thus far.

"San Marcos"

Top Track:

7. Mac Miller


Listening to this album now, knowing what happened to him months after its release, is a hard pill to swallow. But we can all rest easy knowing that Mac went out an absolute master of his craft.

"What's The Use?"

Top Track:

11. Young Fathers

Cocoa Sugar

This is an album that I'm afraid people will forget about simply because it came out so early on in the year. Please don't be one of those people because 'Cocoa Sugar' is a real treat to listen to.

"In My View"

Top Track:

15. Pinegrove


After sitting on shelves for a year, Pinegrove finally released their sophomore effort and it did not dissapoint. The songwriting is top-notch and much like 'Cardinal', the raw sound fits them perfectly.


Top Track:

19. Gorillaz

The Now Now

I was surprised to see this album not get the praise it deserved this year. The sort of laid back approach to this record as opposed to the bombastic nature of their previous records was welcomed by me with open arms.


Top Track:

23. Joey Purp


This album is just so fun to listen to. If you're a fan of Chance the Rapper or just fun, easy to listen to hip-hop, this is an album you've been missing in your life. Or maybe you've already heard it..in which case, bravo.


Top Track:

27. Let's Eat Grandma

I'm All Ears

This is pop music at its weirdest - and I mean that in the best way possible. This album is chaotic and bouncy and you never know what direction it might possibly go in next. An absolute treat to listen to.

"Falling Into Me"

Top Track:

31. Now, Now


The fact that Now, Now isn't one of the biggest bands in the world is almost astonishing to me. These songs were made to be on every radio station and yet I turn on the radio and they aren't on it. Sad!


Top Track:

35. How To Dress Well

The Anteroom

This album is wild. How To Dress Well is extremely inventive in the way that he mixes up his sound each time he puts something out. 'The Anteroom' takes things in an experimental direction that is more than welcome.

"Body Fat"

Top Track:

39. The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer

I really missed this band when they broke up and now that they are back together and working with a new lineup I can't explain to you how excited I am to see what they are capable of next.


Top Track:

4. Big Red Machine

Big Red Machine

We may not have gotten a Bon Iver album this year, but having this as a substitute scratched the itch that I needed it to. A masterpiece of loops, samples and nonsense.

"I Won't Run From It"

Top Track:

8. Kids See Ghosts

Kids See Ghosts

Kanye had a busy year - some disastrous fashion choices and tweets - but his transparency about the state mental health was admirable and center-stage on this collaborative effort with Kid Cudi.

"Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)"

Top Track:

12. Janelle Monae

Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae basically took the crown for best rap performance of the year with this album. She's a master of her craft and every time she releases an album it feels like a moment - something truly special.

"Crazy, Classic, Life"

Top Track:

16. Saba

Care For Me

Do not sleep on Saba. I repeat: do not sleep on Saba. This guy keeps improving with each release and I think he's going to blow up within the next couple years if he keeps up with this sort of quality work.


Top Track:

20. Hellogoodbye

S'Only Natural

I waited so long for a new Hellogoodbye album and I was not disappointed with the end result. It's so..groovy. Not to mention, one of the tracks from this was used as my wife and I's first dance at our wedding.

"Mysterious You"

Top Track:

24. Beach House


Beach House is a band that never seems to release a bad album. Even when they released two in the same year they were both so very good. Their seventh effort continues that trend with another stellar release.

"Lemon Glow"

Top Track:

28. Mitski

Be The Cowboy

While this album ended up on a lot of lists as their number one album of the year, it only fell short for me because I didn't listen to it much. It'd probably rank higher if I had so you should give it a listen and form your own opinion.


Top Track:

32. MGMT

Little Dark Age

Did you forget that MGMT released an album this year? I did too until I was browsing through my iTunes and saw it staring at me, having not been listened to in the last 6 months. That changed very quickly.

"Me and Michael"

Top Track:

36. The Internet

Hive Mind

The Internet's greatest attribute is the fact that their music fits perfectly in almost any situation. Whether it be in headphones, at a party, while studying or at the beach their music grooves in a way that just works no matter what.

"Come Over"

Top Track:

40. Pale Waves

My Mind Makes Noises

Pale Waves is writing some of the biggest pop anthems in music right now and this record is living proof of that. If you miss the more simple, straight-forward jams of The 1975's past, Pale Waves want to fill that void.


Top Track:

Honorable Mention

Post Malone




Travis Scott


Lil Wayne

Tha Carter V

A$AP Rocky


Pusha T




Playboi Carti

Die Lit

Favorite Films


Into The Spider-Verse

Directed by Peter Ramsey


A Star Is Born

Directed by Bradley Cooper


A Quiet Place

Directed by John Krasinski

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The Incredibles 2

Directed by Brad Bird



Directed by Spike Lee


Mid 90's

Directed by Jonah Hill


First Man

Directed by Damien Chazelle


Eighth Grade

Directed by Bo Burnham


The Grinch

Directed by Yarrow Cheney

Wont you be my neighbor_0.jpg

Won't You Be My Neighbor

Directed by Morgan Neville


Isle of Dogs

Directed by Wes Anderson


Avengers: Infinity War

Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo


Wreck-It Ralph 2

Directed by Phil Johnston


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Directed by Ron Howard


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Directed by David Slade


Sorry To Bother You

Directed by Boots Riley


Black Panther

Directed by Ryan Coogler


Minding The Gap

Directed by Bing Liu


Bohemian Rhapsody

Directed by Bryan Singer



Directed by Alex Garland

Favorite Television Shows





American Crime Story






Arrested Development









American Vandal



The Haunting of Hill House



It's Always Sunny  









The End of the F* World



King of the Road




Comedy Central


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt






The Good Place



Hate Thy Neighbor



Trial & Error



Single Parents


Favorite Video Games

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games

Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac Games

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Toys for Bob

Sea of Thieves


Mario Tennis    Aces

Camelot Software Planning

Dead Cells

Motion Twin

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bandai Namco Studios


Matt Makes Games

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream

Assasins Creed: Odyssey

Ubisoft Quebec

Super Mario Party


The Messenger

Sabotage Studio

Pokemon: Let's Go (P&E)

Game Freak

Forza Horizon 4

Playground Games

A Way Out

Hazelight Studios

Kirby: Star Allies

HAL Laboratory

State of Decay 2

Undead Labs

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Ubisoft Toronto

God of War

Sony Santa Monica

The Swords of Ditto


Battlefield V


The Crew 2

Ivory Tower

NBA 2K19

Visual Concepts

Monster Hunter World