Rosemary Radar: 3/12/18

A lot of big releases are coming out this week! Including best picture at the Academy Awards The Shape of Water, Kirby: Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch and a new album by Yo La Tengo.

As for my recommendations for this week, which are represented on the sidebar of the main page for web users or at the bottom for mobile devices - I suggest taking a look at the new album by Young Fathers called Cocoa Sugar, which has been the biggest surprise of the year for me - and also the new single from Anderson .Paak called " 'Til It's Over ".

As for what you should watch this week - the final season of Love was added to Netflix on Friday and it was just as wonderful as the first two and sets the entire series off on the best note. Without spoiling anything, if you were ever a fan of this show, see it through to the end - and if you have yet to give it a chance, consider changing that now.

And lastly, as my game recommendation this week I'm going to tell you to play a game that I talked myself out of playing for months and finally gave in to this past week. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is one the most fun games on the Nintendo Switch and even though I thought that I would despise the turn-based battle system, it's extremely satisfying.