Rosemary Radar: Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!

The Mandalorian! Jedi Fallen Order! We out here!

So it's 9:55 - the Camp Flog Gnaw surprise headliner is about to take the stage. Everyone thinks it's going to be Frank Ocean. Then A&AP Rocky took the stage, played two songs. Then Lil Uzi Vert took the stage, played two songs. Then Drake took the stage, played two songs, then another, then another, and eventually got booed off the stage because everyone wanted Frank Ocean instead. Pretty much a disaster.

So here we are on Monday morning with a new episode of Blonded and Camp Flog Gnaw in the rear view, without a new Frank Ocean single or album or anything. We are not worthy.


Death Stranding rules. Honestly I’m having a fantastic time with it after about 4-5 hours. I totally understand why some people might not but for me, the simpleness of just gathering supplies and then heading out on a hike across America, planning my route, maintaining my balance - something about that tedium is both rewarding and enjoyable - especially when the scenery is so vast and beautiful. There’s a lot to do here as long as you’re looking for a game that is long, slow and has a well-directed story. If you want something with more action, more shooting - this isn’t a game for you.

Honestly, that’s what my weekend was. Death Stranding and Frank Ocean-obsession. My life, really. Oh! And Casey and I played the Ice level of Human Fall Flat and it was wonderful. Albeit, a little short. Like I could have played another two hours of that - especially the snowboarding portion - you could have made that hill a LOT bigger, guys, come on! I guess that’s why we have Steep though. Lovely, lovely Steep.

The week ahead is just the best, best week. Honestly, there’s a foot of snow in the forecast and I have every reason to stay indoors.

Disney+ is available on Tuesday and with that, the first two episodes of The Mandalorian are out and it looks like this show is going to be all sort of incredible. And on top of that, we get every Disney movie, every Pixar movies, every Disney show, every Disney Channel Original Movie - ENDLESS amount of fun and happiness are just around the corner, y’all.

Not only that, but two fantastic movies release that day as well - the wholesome as hell Peanut Butter Falcon and the hilarious Good Boys. So hit up that Red Box, pour yourself something sweet and WATCH TV - you have my permission.

Then go outside Wednesday and Thursday because nothing’s coming out those days.

But FRIDAY - sweet, sweet, Friday. The two biggest games of the year, in my opinion, release that day. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Pokemon Sword & Shield are about to bless our fingertips and both look like they could easily be my new favorite game of the year. They have to dethrone the likes of Death Stranding, Katana Zero, Super Mario Maker 2, etc. but either of these titles can do it if they are even half as good as I’ve made them out to be in my head.

And then there’s this animated Christmas movie, Klaus, releasing that day too! Be excited! The holidays are here - decorate your tree, throw up some garland and rejoice in the name of mf Christmas.