The Award Winning 'Joker' Comes To Blu-Ray This Week! | Rosemary Radar

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix won a Golden Globe and tested those censors big time.

So, in case you're wondering and don't listen to our podcasts where I explain myself, the reason I don't really post anything at all from the middle of December until the first full week of January is mostly because as far as pop culture is concerned and the bulk of what we talk about on this website, it's pretty much dead during that time. No new releases are coming out, no announcements are being made - things are just too chaotic during the holidays and our money has all been spent so nobody's trying to sell us anything so for that reason, we take a break and spend time with our families and play games and stuff instead.

Anyways, the reason I'm explaining this to you is also an apology at the same time - an apology for this basic ass list down below where I attempted to list the new shit coming this week when we are still currently in this dead period. Not a lot to write home about but whatever - football is cool right now! Playoff football is the best football and this weekend's games were all really close - none of them were blowouts or anything you wanted to immediately turn off so just watch more of that next weekend.

Also, last week we recorded new episodes of all three of our podcasts - Funny Business went up on Wednesday, Party Crashers was up Saturday and The Morning Brew went up this morning so you've got tons to catch up on! In the meantime, I'm going to go back to the drawing board in figuring out when Frank Ocean is going to drop his new god damn album.

As for this week, Kids Baking Championship starts! My wife and I's Monday night addiction for the last couple years has been whatever baking show Food Network airs at 9 PM and now that Holiday Baking Championship is over, we're letting the kids take the stage again and I ain't mad about it. The kids one's are entertaining, honestly, because some of them are real good but some of them aren't and it's awesome when they do well and kinda funny when they bomb out. And it's okay to laugh because they have so many years left to get better!

Joker is out on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Blu-Ray this week and last night it won a couple Golden Globes as well - including Joaquin Phoenix winning for Male Leading Role in probably the biggest surprise of the night afar as I'm concerned. It's cool to see a film based on a comic book character get this sort of recognition - even if it means Leo getting the ol' snub. We'll see what happens at the Oscars.

Other than that, uhhhh, 1917 comes to all theaters this Friday - which is perfect timing considering it also won big at the Golden Globes last night by taking home the Best Picture (Drama) category. I'm excited to see this movie even if it's one of those weird ones that came out in select theaters in 2019 and then everywhere else in 2020 and that messed with my internal thinking of how to rank movies on a list.

But I'm mostly just psychotic so don't mind me.

That's all for now! Let's hope for a Nintendo Direct this week so we have something to talk about! Oh and shit, CES starts today and Sony takes the stage at 8 PM EST tonight so maybe we'll get some PS5 info?! Maybe this week will turn out to be more exciting than we had thought.