The (Bodega) Boys Are Back In Town | Rosemary Radar

Showtime, you have caused me to subscribe to you.

Yoooooo, finally a good week - there's so much to look forward to except for like, anything music related. Seriously, who decided that Green Day were the only ones allowed to release something this week? What a bust. I guess that what it'll take to get me to listen to a Green Day album in 2020 though.

But hey, a dead week in the music industry means there's always a chance for a shadow drop.

*crosses fingers* Frank Ocean, Frank Ocean, Frank Ocean.

Umm, shoutout to the Chiefs! Last night's game was really good - I'm glad it wasn't blow out or strictly defensive or anything and instead we got a legitimately good football game. I feel like that's all you can really ask for when it comes to the big one. Although, a big fuck you to Google for making the entire country sad as all hell with that Loretta commercial. So rude.

So tonight we've got the return of Desus & Mero - part of the reason why I do these podcasts and talk about the shit that I talk about is because of them. If you ever notice that something they talk about on their show is something we talk about in one of ours - I promise you, it's intentional.

On top of that, we've got Girl Scout Cookie Championship premiering on the Food Network and that McMillions documentary showing on HBO which looks INTERESTING to say the least.

And in addition to a baking show, we've also got something a little different premiering this week - on Wednesday we've got LEGO Masters making it's debut on FOX where contestants are tasked with crafting LEGO masterpieces which is absolutely my shit so yeah, I'll be checking that out.

On Thursday we've got Brooklyn Nine-Nine making it's return (on NBC, remember!) as well as that show Indebted also which, I don't know, is worth a shot, I suppose?

Knights & Bikes, a wonderful little game that I wanted to play co-op with my wife but couldn't because it was only on PlayStation, is finally hitting Switch on Thursday as well and I can't wait for that. Sure, we could have played co-op on PlayStation but I only have one controller and that system is at my desk so it's not so easy. The Switch is our prime console for playing together and this game is just screaming to be played by us.

On Friday Horse Girl hits Netflix and that movie looks straight up weird as fuck but it stars Allison Brie so I am all about it and even more importantly, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet starts up on Apple TV+ on Friday as well and man, if this isn't in my top ten shows of the year come 10 months from now, I don't know myself at all. High, high hopes for that one.

And finally, Sunday, Academy Awards - we'll see about those. And the new season of Kidding on Showtime starts. Genius that they decide to start Kidding and Desus & Mero the same week. That's a subscribe from this guy, for suuuure.

Have a good week - enjoy looking at this list below because it looks all new and modern and shit and I'm pretty happy with it.