What If The Cast of Stranger Things Joined The MCU?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

These rising stars were destined to join this ever-increasing ensemble.

If you’re like me, you enjoyed the shit out of the newest season of Stranger Things. I wish I could give it 11 out of 10. Come to think of it, I’m an American and there’s nothing stopping me from giving it 11 out of 10. Tell your mom I said it’s an 11/10.

But now that it’s over, I am left with the sinking feeling of having to wait for the final season with only my thoughts to keep me company, so here is one of those thoughts:

The kids from Stranger Things should all join the MCU.

There, I said it. Again, I’m an American and you can’t stop me. Although to be honest, this can’t be a controversial take. Everybody loves Stranger Things, and even more people love the MCU. It’s like the first time you dip your fries in a chocolate milkshake, because you love them both and you just want them to be together.

I tried my best to make these roles age specific, taking into account that these kids won’t be done filming Stranger Things 4 until probably the end of 2020, but with a few they may need to either age up or bulk up a bit. But that can happen, think of Zac Efron. One minute he was in High School Musical 3, and then all of a sudden he was flipping tires with The Rock.

Here we go.

Finn Wolfhard - Alpha

Alpha is the type of character that Finn Wolfhard seems destined to play. A loner with a heart of gold, who gains his powers protecting a fellow student when an accident occurs during a presentation by Peter Parker. I think what drew me to this connection is that I felt that the chemistry and comic timing between Wolfhard and Tom Holland as Spider-Man would be too good to pass up. Alpha is a bit of a loose cannon, and I think it would be really fun to see Tom Holland’s Peter transforming into the mentor that Tony Stark was for him.

Movie idea: Spider-man sequel.

Caleb McLaughlin - Miles Morales

After the success of Into The Spiderverse, I think it is clear that people are ready for multiple new versions of Spider-Man (more on that later). As much as I love the Tom Holland version, I think Peter has almost been overplayed at this point. I think he definitely has a place in future sequels and Avengers movies, but I would also like to see a standalone live action Miles Morales movie, and who better to play him than Caleb McLaughlin? He seems born to play the whip-smart, wise cracking new web slinger, and I will not rest until he is cast.

Movie idea: Appears in a Spider-Man sequel and then gets a standalone movie.

Gaten Matarazzo - Howard The Duck (motion capture/voice)

I know, I know, it feels like I’m picking a mo-cap/voice role for him because he’s goofy looking, but that’s not it. I honestly think this kid is one of the funniest actors working today, and a character like Howard the Duck just makes sense. Howard has a blink and you miss it cameo during the final showdown with Thanos in Avengers:Endgame after appearing in a post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy a few years earlier, so we know he exist in the MCU. I think Gaten Matarazzo has the physicality and the voice to make this character really special. If they can make Rocket Racoon work, then Howard the Duck can definitely work too.

Movie idea: Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

Noah Schnapp - Harry Osborn/Green Goblin

I promise these aren’t all Spider-Man characters. (A few more might be). This one almost makes too much sense to me, and I think this character is overdue for an introduction to the MCU. I think Noah Schnapp has an innocence that can be utilized to make his descent from being Peter’s best friend to his enemy especially compelling. I also think that this could work in the same way that Jesse Eisenberg worked as Lex Luthor (yes, it worked) by using a character’s perceived vulnerability as a tool against the hero.

Movie idea: Spider-Man sequel.

Natalia Dyer - Elektra

Give me an Elektra origin movie now! Even though the Netflix version of the character was a huge improvement over the Jennifer Garner version, it still felt like she was getting short changed. I feel like we are long overdue for seeing Elektra’s backstory. From her tumultuous upbringing in Greece, to being trained as an assassin, all the way to Columbia University where she begins dating classmate Matt Murdock, this is a story worth telling. Elektra’s place as an anti-hero often places her as a side character at best, but I feel like an actor like Natalia Dyer could really take this character to new heights in a solo film.

Movie idea: Solo film.

Joe Keery - Nova

I really wanted to make Joe Keery’s role Moon Knight, but then I saw that Marvel is rumored to be developing a Nova movie and I quickly changed my mind. The thought of Joe Keery hiding those luscious locks under Nova’s signature helmet is a tough pill to swallow, but watching him manipulate wormholes should more than make up for it. While reading up on this character to refresh my memory, I found myself shocked that he hasn’t appeared in an MCU film yet. This is a character who has rubbed elbows with some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe, not to mention the fact that the Nova Corps featured so prominently in Guardians of the Galaxy. Nova makes perfect sense as a character to build a new team-up movie around, and I think Joe Keery is just the leading man for the part. I would like to see a Secret Avengers storyline at some point (look it up, you’ll shit yourself).

Movie idea: post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 followed by a solo film

Charlie Heaton - Dracula

Blade needs a villain. Charlie Heaton already looks like a vampire.

Movie idea: Villain in the Mahershala Ali Blade movie.

Dacre Montgomery - Adam Warlock

I’m cheating a little bit, as this is already a rumor that is circulating at the moment. The MCU keeps teasing Adam Warlock, and it’s starting to look like we’re finally going to get him in Phase 4. James Gunn has stated on numerous occasions that he is his favorite Marvel character, so I would say it’s a pretty safe bet to assume he becomes the newest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Volume 3. I think Dacre Montgomery’s role in Stranger Things 3 proved that he has the chops to take on a darker character, especially one who was created by scientists to be a “perfect human.” It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a hunk. This one is a no brainer.

Movie idea: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Sadie Sink - Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen

If we’re going to introduce Harry Osborn in a future Spider-Man movie, I think it’s about time to get another of Peter’s longtime love interests involved. But I’m more interested in the Spider-Gwen storyline than the romantic aspect of their relationship. I think Gwen can be a character who comes in to challenge Peter, and ultimately help him defeat whatever villain he is facing in the movie. Or maybe she follows her Stranger Things boyfriend Caleb McLaughlin as the love interest for his Miles Morales. Either way, I think she would kick ass as Gwen.

Movie idea: Spider-Man sequel/Miles Morales sequel.

Millie Bobby Brown - Morgan Stark

This is the only character not taken directly from the comics. In the comics, Morgan is Tony’s cousin, but we’re going to stick with the MCU version where she’s Tony and Pepper’s daughter. I think there’s a place for this character to be an amalgamation of several different characters from the comics, namely Iron Lad and Ironheart. The idea that Tony’s daughter follows in his footsteps, much to Pepper’s chagrin, is just too good to pass up. I can already see Happy Hogan as an unwilling accomplice, who can’t say no to Morgan because he loved her dad so much, and he himself has become a surrogate father to her. This is also another opportunity for Peter Parker to become a mentor, and maybe a more fitting one than what I mentioned earlier with Alpha. The ultimate way for Peter to pay Tony back is to guide his daughter on her path to becoming an Avenger. I can even see the story coming full circle and having Peter sacrifice himself the way Tony did. So who better to handle a role of this magnitude than Millie Bobby Brown, and actor for whom I’m sure there are religions forming around the world. This girl can flat out act, and has been at the top of her game from the very beginning of Stranger Things. That first season that she plays almost completely mute was just a precursor to her becoming a fully fledged superstar by the third season. So I say give this lady a suit, and a franchise and let’s get the next group of Avengers rolling.

Movie idea: Literally everything.