PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Impressions

One of the biggest games to come out this year is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - published and developed by Bluehole Studios which hit steam early access last month. Battlegrounds is a Massive Multiplayer Online Survival game existing basically as the best parts of H1Z1 and Arma combined into one fantastic shooter.

Even though Battlegrounds is in early access it is still one of the most addicting and enjoyable shooters to hit Steam in recent memory. The game tosses you into a game either solo, with a friend or with a squad to compete against 99 other players to be the last single player, or last team, standing. Even with a lack of options, the guns in this game still feature realistic ballistics - there are also new guns are being added each month with content updates. When you are hit by a round, or multiple rounds, you will find yourself seeking a space to hide in order to recover. Healing in the game doesn’t follow like its competitor H1Z1 - instead of stock piling a bunch of cloths and ripping them to shreds in order to make bandages the game forces you to search for a Medical Kit that will regenerate your health, find an adrenaline shot which can only be found in package drops, or use energy drinks or painkillers. It takes a bit of grinding in order to regenerate your health completely and you need to be at almost 75 percent health if you plan to reach 100 HP.

The gameplay is tons of fun and the gun fights can get very intense but since Battlegrounds is in early access there can be many errors, glitches and bugs and they can be quite frustrating especially when they result in game crashes or freezing. However, while understanding that this isn’t the final version of the game, these grievances should be expected. Overall I have enjoyed my time with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and in its current state, despite these bugs, I would still recommend it reluctantly.