A Glimpse At What's To Come: Podcasts

I figured I'd let you guys all in on what I've currently got in the works and where I'd like to go with this website. The next order of business is podcasts. What I'm pretty sure is going to happen is that "Features" and "Impressions" will be combined into just "Features" simply because that term kind of fits for both of them - sometimes the feature will be an impression, sometimes it'll be something else - but I'd like to free up that space to fix in the "Podcasts" tab instead as keeping all three would make it look too cluttered. Haven't decided yet - we'll see. But anyways! As for the podcasts - I've been slowly purchasing everything I need to get these going - they will be both video and audio podcasts each pertaining to different topics. Party Crashers will be a podcast completed dedicated to games - impressions, recommendations and news - whatever is topical at the time of recording. And Funny Business will be kind of a free-for-all - topics will include music, movies, television or just life in general. Both will most likely have rotating hosts until we can solidify a core group for each - and even then at least one seat will rotate pretty often. As of right now it looks like I'll be doing these once a month and once we get them up and running we'll start incorporating more video content as well. I'll let you know more details as things start moving along - which may be a little while because, y'know, real life and stuff.