Recommendation Monday (5/29/17)

This week I'm dialing it back a bit for my music recommendations. There's been too much music coming out lately and since I only recommend two albums (or singles!) a week I never got to really mention two albums I've really enjoyed lately. Tigers Jaw's new album Spin and Mac DeMarco's new album This Old Dog. Both are pretty high up on my AOTY list right now and I think both are definitely worth checking out.

I guess I'm also dialing it back for what I recommend you watch this week as well but it's more-so a reminder to get your life together. You're The Worst is one of the best shows I've watched in the last few years. Each season it get's better and better and perfectly blends comedy with real life situations that can be both dramatic and real. The show isn't afraid to get it's hands dirty and because of that they tackle topics that a lot of people can really relate to. The fourth season should start this fall so I can't recommend enough that you start this show right now so that you can be caught up by the time that happens.

And last but holy shit not least is that I recommend everyone checks out Persona 5. I've never been a huge fan of JRPG's or any sort of game with a turn-based battle system outside of Pokemon, South Park or Costume Quest - however, this game is every bit as good as the reviewers say that it is and even if you are like me and haven't really played this style of game before or thought that it just wasn't for you - set that aside and give it a chance. I think you'll be surprised at how engaged in this game you will find yourself. I just got this game for my birthday last Thursday and it's the only thing I've played so far that's been able to replace Zelda as my "I have an hour or two to kill what should I play?" game. I'm excited to put in dozens of hours into this over the next (who am I kidding?) two years.