Recommendation Monday (6/5/17)

Over the weekend I basically listened to two new albums exclusively and those were the new Bleachers album, Gone Home and the Marika Hackman album, I'm Not Your Man that were released last Friday. Gone Home is the second album from Jack Antonoff's Bleachers project and after a few days with it I can honestly say that it's better than his first. It's equal parts 80's pop as it is Chance & Kanye influenced and features co-writes from some of the biggest names in pop music. Marika Hackman is signed to the same label that The 1975 and the Japanese House exist on and the similarities are evident. She's writing pop music with a raw energy and compelling subject matter.

This Thursday, Kevin Abstract and his group of friends who go by the name of Brockhampton will air the first episode of their television show "American Boyband" on Viceland. The show will follow the group as they tour the road, record an album and take on the world in attempt to reach the mainstream. The first episode is up on Viceland's website right now but if you'd prefer to wait, it will air on television on 10:30 EST.

Friday the 13th isn't a perfect game - but it's a fun one. It has it's flaws, most of which will be cleared up with a patch that should go live this week, but even with them it's still a blast to play especially wen everyone in the party is on a microphone, working together ad participating. Early reviews of the game stated that being Jason was the most enjoyable aspect and since that happens so infrequently, it hinders the overall experience. I disagree with that sentiment and actually had more fun as a counselor attempting to escape from Jason's hunt as there is significantly less pressure and frustration. As a counselor it feels more so like you're just trying to outsmart Jason - and the mind-games can be quite entertaining.

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