Recommendation Monday (6/12/17)

It's weeks like this one that I wish that I could fit more than two albums on the front page to recommend just so that I don't have to play favorites. This past Friday three albums were released that will surely end up on my end of the year list. The two that I have displayed are Phoenix's Ti Amo and Brockhampton's Saturation. Both are great summer albums for completely different moods - one is hyperactive, glossy and filled with pop-gems and the latter is angsty, experimental and dynamic. The third album I still want to mention is SZA's Ctrl because she reminds me so much of Frank Ocean that I wouldn't be me if I didn't jump up and down about it.

This Tuesday The Lego Batman Movie comes out on DVD & Blu-Ray and I definitely suggest everyone at least rents it for an enjoyable night in. While it's not the best family-film I've ever seen - mostly because Disney is a thing - it's still a fun, adventurous take on some classic characters that adults and children can both enjoy.

Arms is being released this Friday and it will without a doubt be another big hit for Nintendo. While the company definitely isn't new to the fighting-game genre, they try new things with this game that they have never done before while also returning to the familiar use of motion controls that made the Wii so popular. The online lobbies are a blast and while I thoroughly enjoyed the limited amount of modes available in the Testpunch, it was just a tease for when the full game is released and I can join a party when they all are available. If you own a Nintendo Switch definitely consider picking up Arms this Friday.