Recommendation Monday (6/19/17)

Two of my favorite albums of the year so far were released this past Friday. Lorde's Melodrama to me is a perfect album - one that feels cohesive and each song feels like it needs to be there. It is void of any filler what-so-ever and the use of reprises and the repetition of specific lines let you know that these songs were written to co-exist with each other which is one of the most important things I look for in an album. Fleet Foxes' Crack Up has these very same characteristics just in a different genre. I think Crack Up is their best album to date and is best heard on a long drive on a Summer morning like I first listened to it a month or so ago.

This Friday, June 23rd, Netflix will premiere it's brand new original series GLOW. The show is about a real-life women's professional wrestling circuit, the Gorgeous Women of Wrestling, which existed in the 1980's and the show will star Allison Brie in a leading role. As a fan of both professional wrestling and anything Allison Brie has ever been involved with, I am very excited.

For a game recommendation, for the first time I am going to recommend the same game for the second week in a row. Partly because nothing else has really come out since but also just because the game is a lot of fun. Whether you're playing by yourself, with a friend, a significant other or online with others, Arms is a game that looks rather simple at it's surface but the deeper you get into it the more complex it becomes. I recommend it to anyone of any age as I feel like it's the closest thing to bring a family together around a console since the Wii-era.

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