Recommendation Monday (6/26/17)

Last week one of the greatest albums of all time, Radiohead's OK Computer, was re-released with newly remastered versions of each song and some never before heard b-sides. They named the re-release OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997-2017 which is obviously a mouthful but don't let that push you away. The songs sounds better than ever and the bonus tracks are a subtle reminder of what this band was, still is and could have been. If you have never listened to this album before - do it now.

Also last week, Vince Staples released his new album Big Fish Theory which may in fact be his best project to date. While Summertime '06 I think is somewhat of a modern classic, the reason I think his new album might be his best is due to the fact that it is more accessible by the casual listener. Where Summertime '06 is 20 track double album that may be harder to digest, Big Fish Theory is a single disk that only tracks in at just over a half hour. Because of this, I think Vince will attract a wider fanbase than he already has with this release. It also doesn't hurt that it contains some of his best material yet. I highly recommend this album.

I realized I was doing something wrong with these recommendations last week in that I was recommending things that weren't even going to be released until the vert end of the eek which I think defeats the purpose. So I'm going to attempt to be better at only recommending things I have heard/watched/played first-hand and that are available to be purchased or streamed the day that I recommend it. With that being said, after spending the weekend watching Netflix's new original series GLOW, my recommendation last week holds weight. GLOW is a fantastic series for both fans of wrestling and those that don't know a single thing about the product. Everyone should give this show a chance because I want it to be the hit of the summer rather than the sleeper hit of the summer.

This week the first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released so what better time than ever to play, continue playing or re-play the greatest game of our generation?

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