Recommendation Monday (7/3/17)

My current favorite album of the year was this week - one that I didn't expect to even be out this year or be as good as it is. JAY-Z surprised everyone with the announcement and quick turn-around for his new album 4:44 - it was widely anticipated mostly because fans were waiting for his response to Beyonce's Lemonade. While he does address this topic - he also talks about much, much more than that. It's an important record - one that shows a legend's attempt to reclaim their throne that the general public started to question their right to rest upon.

The other music release this week that is worth mentioning is the new EP by The Japanese House, Saw You In A Dream. To me, The Japanese House makes perfect music - beautiful, haunting and flawless. This is the fourth EP that she has released and I'm still wondering if it's even possible for her and her gang of producers to create anything that isn't wonderful. We don't deserve the Japanese House - but somehow, we still get it - and I suggest you take advantage of this until some greater power recognizes it's worth.

Over the weekend my finance and I went to go see Edgar Wright's newest film, Baby Driver and had an absolute blast doing so. The movie is tons of fun and in typical Edgar Wright fashion, it's one of those movies that keeps your eyes glued to the screen for the entirety of the film. Time moves fast in Baby Driver because there isn't a dull moment for you to even stop and think. I can't remember the last time that I didn't even pull out my phone during a film to check the time. It's an action movie that strays from typical action-movie burdens of overdramatic and senseless explosions - everything you see here is methodically planned and purposeful. I highly recommend seeing this while it's in theaters.

Growing up, I didn't own any Nintendo home consoles (handhelds, yes - for Pokemon) - but my parents started us on a SEGA Genesis and after that we were strictly a PlayStation family. Because of this, my favorite games nearly two decades ago were any iteration of Crash Bandicoot - specifically the original trilogy. And on Friday, my dreams came true and they were officially remastered and re-released on the PlayStation 4 and they are every bit as fun and every bit as frustrating as they were so long ago. The levels are challenging but they are so rewarding to complete that it keeps you coming back in attempt to do so. Fantastic level design, unbelievable re-mastered graphics and a colorful art style will keep this game as a permanent fixture in your library. If you own a PlayStation, I suggest picking this game up whether your a fan of the original trilogy, a fan of platforms in general or just want something fun and time consuming during the Summer months.

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