Recommendation Monday (7/17/17)

This past week wasn't the biggest when it comes to new releases but that doesn't always have to be a bad thing - sometimes it's necessary to let other albums get some of the spotlight that they may not regularly get if they were up against stiffer competition. This was definitely the case this past Friday when Waxahatchee released her new album, Out In The Storm. It's a special record that deserves the time while we wait for albums like Tyler The Creator and Arcade Fire which are upon us within the next couple weeks. I highly suggest giving it a spin sometime this week.

The other release I really got into last week was the three-song self titled release by Shredders which is a little project comprised of Doomtree members P.O.S, Sims, Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak. It's short, but it only serves as a preview as to what these guys are capable of and what they've always done - which is, shred, I suppose. If you enjoy rap music with a punch of angst, this is for you.

For the first time ever, my recommendation for something you should watch is something that I actually haven't even seen myself yet. I spent all weekend recording, editing and exporting the audio for the first Party Crashers podcast and messing with new equipment I had purchased for future projects. Because of this, I didn't get to head to the theater like I had planned to see The Big Sick. However, every reviewer or reference I usually check with when it comes to film seems to agree that this is a movie you don't want to miss. I plan on seeing this movie within the next week, I plan on loving it and I think you should too.

I didn't really play any new games this week but something that I did do was finally start and complete Inside. This game is one of the smartest, most clever platformers I have ever played with a creepy and interesting story that leaves you with more questions than it does answers. While the ending has been debated to death over the last year as to whether or not it is good or what it even means, the fact that people are still left scratching their heads is a testament to how much they actually care for this game. It's worth the play through especially considering it can be done in about three hours - don't sleep on this game any longer than I did.

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