Party Crashers: Episode 001 - Available Now

Over the weekend, myself, Connor, Casey and Alex sat down to record the first episode of the Party Crashers podcast. Our intentions were to keep this just like the other podcasts at anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes and that simply just didn't happen. We ended up sitting down and talking about games for nearly three hours and ultimately decided that we were going to split the podcast up into three parts so that it's a little easier to digest. This also explains why there isn't a version of it on YouTube yet since that would simply take too long to export.

This will be our video game podcast and will most likely always feature the four of us. In this episode we discuss out first console memories, favorite games of all time and what we've been playing lately. After that we talk about E3 and how we feel about everything that was announced now that it's a month in the rear-view and the dust has finally settled. After that we discuss everything we'd like to see in the Pokemon game that Game Freak is working on for the Nintendo Switch and then wrap things up with some games we're looking forward to in the next thirty days. The podcast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud now.