Recommendation Monday (7/24/17)

On Friday, Tyler The Creator finally released his follow-up to 2015's Cherry Bomb entitled Flower Boy - or if you like things a little saucy, Scum Fuck Flower Boy. In my opinion, after having a couple weeks with the album, there isn't a single doubt that this is his greatest work. It's his most mature, it's his most expansive and it's his most interesting. It seems as though Tyler is finally finding his sound, ditching some of the questionable lyrics and subject matter of his past material and creating music to stand the test of time and cement his spot in the industry that he deserves to be in. I get the opportunity to see Tyler perform at Panorama this weekend and the release of Flower Boy has me the most excited about that.

My second music recommendation is like beating the skeleton of a horse from the 15th century but I do so with a reason. Also at Panorama this weekend I get to see Frank Ocean for the first time since I discovered his art almost six years ago. If you don't get to be as lucky as I am on Friday, I suggest instead that you give Blonde a listen. Give it two listens. Fall in love with it like I have and like I know that anyone is capable of.

Last Friday night my fiancé and I went to the drive-ins for the first time to see Dunkirk. Sidenote though: drive-ins are always a great idea in theory - we brought beer, chocolate, jujubes, only spent $3.50 on popcorn - but what you always fail to remember is mosquitos. I swear those fuckers sucked my feet at least a dozen times over the course of the film. But anyways! Dunkirk is one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. I truly don't think there's a single moment in the entire film where the score isn't swelling. The dialogue is very minimal but the action is edge-of-your-seat. From the very beginning of the movie, you are dropped into a war zone and even by it's end you haven't really escaped. It's engaging in the way everything ties together as it progresses and it tells an important story of our world's history.

Also, I did see The Big Sick yesterday as well and trust me when I say that last weeks blind recommendation was the correct one. Beautiful, hilarious movie. I cannot tell you just how much I loved it - please go support this movie and see it as soon as possible.

GO BUY SPLATOON 2. And if you don't have a Switch, go buy one of those and then buy Splatoon 2. It's so much fun, there are so many different modes and ways to customize your character that every time you play it there's something new for you to do. Over the weekend I played some of the single player mode, a bunch of Turf War matches and even linked up with some friends to try out Salmon Run. All of it was a blast and all of it makes this game absolutely worth the pricetag. It's different than anything that's on the Switch right now and scratches the itch of those searching for a shooter on the system but it also maintains that classic Nintendo charm.

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