Breaking: Brand New's New Album Possibly Surfacing Online

Apparently, Brand New has over-nighted CD's to 500 fans - which may be the 500 people that purchased the vinyl that was available online just a couple days ago. According to users in this Reddit thread, the CD contains one track that is 61 minutes and 27 seconds long entitled "44.5902N104.7146W". Could this be the fifth Brand New album we've been waiting for as one continuous track? How long until it gets ripped online? And will it be available on Apple Music tonight when it updates? Who knows! Stay tuned!

Edit: The album may or may not be called Science Fiction according to a Shazam'd track that also may or may not be called "Out Of Mana".

Edit (2): Currently listening to some of is real. I also Shazam'd a track myself and it came up as "451" from an album named Science Fiction.

Edit (3): This may or may not be a full quality version of the album cover.