Rosemary Media: 2018 Update

Okay guys! Time for a little update so you know everything that’s going on. I’m not really going to re-read all of this once I type it because I know I'm going to ramble so excuse any errors I might produce. Basically, we’re just going to dial it back a bit on the content we put out for a variety of reasons - but mostly, because I was attempting to do more than I could actually handle. Trying to put out a brand new video Monday through Friday each and every week while also planning and executing a live show each week, two podcasts a month - all while posting news and streaming games every day - that’s something you do when this is a full time job and unfortunately, we all have to work other full time jobs and because of all of that I basically lost all of my free time and I need to balance it all out a bit so I don’t lose my mind. SO. Basically, nothing is going away, but everything is changing a bit and we aren’t going to follow any specific schedule anymore - schedules are demanding and make this all feel like work which is what we never wanted it to feel like. If we take the weight of a schedule off of our shoulders we’ll all be less stressed out about it. Also, Connor is going to be following a new career path within the next few months so he won’t be as present as he is now with the content we are releasing - he’ll still be on some game streams but his involvement on Party Crashers and Hot Plates may be limited - we’ll have to see how things go this Spring and adjust accordingly.

Here’s how it’s all going to go down from here on out.

Rosemary Live: Rosemary Live as it is, is going on a kind of “hiatus”. Trying to plan this show out every single week and then setting up and recording it every Monday was a daunting task and while it was tons of fun, we just can’t make it a weekly thing without sacrificing the quality of the show. It was so fun to do it every week but we have to be realistic. My dream is to do Rosemary Live every single day - talking about news, shooting the shit - all in a studio of our own where we can also work on other content and write ourselves a paycheck - but until this all becomes bigger than we are, that’s just not a reality. So Rosemary Live will now exist when we decide there’s something worth talking about. Rather than tossing together a bunch of week old news that you’ve already heard about, we’re going to do special occasion episodes of Rosemary Live when it’s something that we really want to talk about - there will surely be an E3 episode, there will surely be an episode where we review big titles like Red Dead Redemption and Spiderman - and during those episodes we’ll discuss other recent news and it’ll feel a lot like what Rosemary Live was last year - it’ll just happen more sporadically and we’ll announce beforehand when we’ll be doing these so that you can plan on being in the chat. We still hope to make this a weekly or even bi-weekly thing eventually but for the time being this is what it will be.

Rosemary Recommendations: I am going to continue to do these videos every Monday - and since we aren’t doing a weekly Live show what I’m going to do is start including what releases are coming out that week within the show that I’m excited about as well - in hope that you’ll be excited about them to. So the episodes will be a little longer and more informative rather than just me telling you to check shit out.

Rosemary Highlights: These will still happen but will be more sporadic, just like everything else. Rather than every single week having to watch hours of footage to grab clips to make a Highlight Reel, I’m only going to make them when I feel like the clips we have are worthy of one. The inconsistency of having a 4 minute reel one week where we didn’t stream much and 15 minutes the week after when we streamed a lot kind of bugged me so I’d rather just do them every so often and have them all be top notch quality.

Hot Plates & Modern Classics: Both of these shows will now be done in “seasons” rather than a weekly show. Trying to get everyone together with our completely opposite schedules to record new episodes of these shows, Rosemary Live and Podcasts - we might as well just all moved in together because I felt like every week we needed to record something so that we don’t slip off the schedule - that’s why it had to go. So the first twelve episode of Hot Plates that are on YouTube right now will be known as “Season 1” - as well as the first four episodes of Modern Classics - that’ll be “Season 1” of that series as well. So what’s going to happen is that a few times a year whenever out schedules all allow it we’re going to get together and record 6-8 episodes in a row the same way that we used to do 4 - live streaming them so we can talk to you in between episodes and splicing them up into individually episodes for a “season”. So expect Season 2 of both of those series sometime in late Winter/early Spring I would assume.

Rosemary Plays: Our game streaming is going to be at mostly random times from here on out. Connor’s child is getting more mobile and destructive by the day so the Morning Brew as we knew it is unfortunately in the rear-view. Casey still plans on streaming in the mornings whenever he can and would like to get to a point where he is live every single day - no exceptions. So if there’s mornings where Connor is able to join him, you’ll get some throwback Brew shit and you won’t want to miss that. Alex will also be getting back to streaming a couple times a week and I will be on in the evenings to either try out a new VR game, continue one of the other million games in my collection or to co-stream with Casey. Again, we just can’t commit to any sort of schedule with the way our lives are at this point. But don’t worry - we’ll be back to streaming games regularly very, very soon.

New Content: We’re also working on new stuff! Alex is going to have a new show called “The Butter Box” - a callback to his original channel - where he will review whatever it is he feels like reviewing - a new game, a new piece of tech, a DLC pack, whatever! Also, as you’ve noticed in the Discord, Casey will be recording a a new video series called Ask ACompanyMan or Ask Casey Anything or something..I don’t know yet. But submit your crazy questions into the Discord channel and Casey will pick his favorites and record a video answering them. We have some other ideas also but we’ll have to see how everything else goes first and normalize it all before we start introducing other stuff.

Podcasts: Nothing’s really changing here! We’ll get together once a month and record the podcast just as we always have. I’ve got a really fun one planned for this weekend that we’ll be recording and you’ll be able to hear next week!

Thanks for reading all of this if you made it through! If you have any questions or suggestions or want to donate a million dollars so we can all quit our jobs and let us do this full time, hit me up on Discord or DM me on Twitter @coreyputney