Rosemary Radar: 3/26/18

A little late this week but here it is! I was in Long Island all weekend and streamed A Way Out on our Twitch channel as soon as I got back so I hadn't gotten a chance to get it together.

My recommendations this week for music are actually just two singles as no new albums really connected with me as of late. So you should check out the new singles from Saba and Kyle called "Life" and "Playinwitme", respectively.

What I think you should watch this week is very simple - watch Isle of Dogs if you like things that make you happy;.

And if you have an Xbox One and just $9.99 to spare, sign up for at least one month of Xbox Game Pass and play Sea of Thieves. It's a hell of a good time if you've got a group of friends to play with and even if you don't, meet up with some randoms online and enjoy. It's tons of fun.