Rosemary Radar: 4/2/18

Here's this week's Radar! Some big albums and a couple highly anticipated films that are polar opposites of each other.

As for recommendations - the new albums from The Weeknd and Kacey Musgraves are both surprising and wonderful. The Weeknd's surprise release is a return to the sound of his debut series of mixtapes while Kacey Musgraves new album is one of the most important within a dying genre.

Happy Anniversary was a delightful film that debuted on Netflix on Friday - it tells the story of a certain couple's relationship all with some hilarious dialogue and emotional moments. It stars Ben Schwartz (Parks & Rec) and Noel Wells (Master of None).

And last Monday Alex and I sat down and played A Way Out from beginning to end on Twitch and had a blast with it - the game is completely unique and original and there really is nothing else like it. I cannot recommend it enough - and the fact that only one of the players needs to own the game and you can simply share the content with a friend to play the entire adventure together is the future of co-op gaming.