Rosemary Radar (4/16/18)

This week is a big week for games as one of the highest reviewed games of all time, God of War, finally makes it's way into the hands of the general public and Nintendo Labo finally makes it's way into the hands of a much younger general public.

As for some recommendations - check out the new singles from Drake and Nicki Minaj called "Nice For What" and "Chun-Li" respectively. They are both extremely solid hip-hop tracks that showcase these near-veteran artists at the top of their class.

I also wanted to recommend Isle of Dogs as I finally had a chance to watch it and it was every bit as good as I expected it to be. It's top-tier Wes Anderson, is completely unique and holds up next to all of Anderson's other films equally.

And if you are a PC player with a thirst for Battle Royale games, check out Radical Heights which is available now as a Steam Early Access title and is free to play. Radical Heights is a different spin on the genre, focusing on an 80's aesthetic, BMX bikes, cash collecting and more.