New The 1975 Coming Tomorrow?

Good Soldier Songs, a London based independent publishing company that represents The 1975 posted this image on Instagram clearly showing Matty of The 1975 in the studio with what may be some lyrics written on a board in front of him. While this may just seem exactly what it is - a recent photo from the studio - Matty's hair hasn't been that color or shape in some time. According to this photo his hair is currently green and has been purple and blonde before that - leading one to believe that this is actually an older photo that was saved to be posted now for a very specific reason. Upon further inspection, and by inspection I just mean reading one of the three comments below of the photo, you can see that Good Soldier Songs has commented on their own photo with "#the1975 #dirtyhit#newmusic #matthealy #newmusicfriday#spotify #applemusic". Could this mean that new material from The 1975 is just a mere hours away? Quite possibly. The band has long teased that their new album will be released on June 1st so it would definitely make sense to start promoting that with a lead single now.

And so we wait.