Kanye West Has A Weekend

Over the weekend, Kanye West released "Ye vs the People" on Apple Music as an explanation for his recent tweets and photos. He then went on to share a screenshot of a conversation he was having where he says that he wants the cover of his new album to feature the man that preformed the plastic surgery on his mother which eventually assisted in her untimely death. To follow all of this up, he then released "Lift Yourself" on Apple Music featuring an instrumental followed by Kanye completely trolling everyone with a verse kind of about scooping poop.

As far as the first song goes - I personally think it explains his stance on everything quite well - in the form of a song it seems as though Kanye's views aren't as crazy as his tweets make them seem. The addition of TI on the song serving as "the People" actually does the song - and Kanye - a great service as well. It shows that he's listening - it shows that he hears the general public and understands their side but he isn't going to let it stand in the way of his "free thinking". Donald Trump proved to the world that you didn't have to be a politician to become president - you just have to pander to the general public - which just so happens to be Kanye's current favorite pastime.

As for the album cover - it was just another way of Kanye showing that he wants to love everyone rather than reserving space in his heart for hatred. Donald Trump is someone that a great percentage of the population might in fact hate - and to Kanye, that hatred we all should have for Trump is the same that he should have for the plastic surgeon that performed his mother's final surgery. However, rather than hating these people as he would have in the past - he's choosing the to do the opposite.

"Life Yourself" is clearly Kanye purposely teasing his fans about his forthcoming new album - simply put, a marketing technique - and a pretty original one at that. I think that his new album is completed and Ye's got some time on his hands so he's quite enjoying dangling new material in front of our faces without letting us actually get a taste of it - which is ultimately making everyone even more eager to hear an actual new song. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if Kanye's entire album promotion consisted of simply teasing everyone and not releasing anything official until June 1st when this project is supposed to be released. And maybe that would be kind of genius. However, in order to succeed in this type of promotion - the payoff would need to be great. A modern classic would be needed as an end result - so let's all hope that's exactly what we are watching unfold.