Rosemary Radar (4/30/18)

This week's Rosemary Radar is highlighted by Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze coming to the Nintendo Switch this Friday. Also some great albums are on the horizon, Dear White People's return to Netflix is just around the corner and a couple highly anticipated documentaries on AMC and HBO air tonight and Wednesday night.

As for my recommendations for the week - Janelle Monae released one of the most important albums that will be released this year on Friday and Post Malone is breaking streaming record's with his robust sophomore record so I think they are both deserving of the title of "suggested listening".

As for what you should watch - Avengers: Infinity War. Obviously. We'll touch on this movie the next time we record our Funny Business podcast but in short, I think the film is brilliant and you should all definitely check it out.

And if you have a PlayStation 4 and long for games reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past - I highly suggest giving The Swords of Ditto a chance. It's completely original while at the same time taking obvious features from some of the most beloved games and blending them into something charming and magical.