Rosemary Radar (5/14/18)

It's another big week for comic book fans! Deadpool 2 hits theaters this Friday and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Also new albums from Parquet Courts & Now, Now will be be released, Onrush's open beta begins and New Girl's final two episodes will air.

As for my recommendations this week - for music, check out the new Beach House album, 7 and the new album from August 08 called Father which are two of my favorite releases of the year thus far.

Last Friday on Netflix the four part series Evil Genius was added and it's a terribly interesting look at a interesting series of murders set in the early 2000's. I've only watched two episodes so far but I'm itching to see what happens next as I hadn't heard about this story up until I started the program.

And as for what you should be playing this week - Death Road to Canada was released on multiple platforms last week and it's a fun and humorous action game in retro-inspired art style that I think anyone can enjoy. I might be streaming some of it this week so make sure you keep as eye out on our Twitch page!