New Pokemon Switch Games Revealed

Last night was the 2018 Pokemon Video Game Conference where we were provided with a series of announcements about upcoming titles coming from Game Freak, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.

The first announcement that was made was that a new game called Pokemon Quest is coming to Nintendo Switch, well, right now. The free-to-start game has already hit the Nintendo eShop and while expansion packs are available to increase your experience, you can play a good chunk of the game without spending a dime. The game features block-like Pokemon as they adventure through a new area, called Tumblecube Island, challenging other Pokemon and collecting stones to power up your team. The game will also be available on mobile devices later this year.

The second announcement that was made, and the most significant one was that the long-rumored Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee are in fact real and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 16th.

You can watch the trailer below and then I will provide some bullet points that were revealed either during said trailer or a Q&A that followed where more questions were answered.

  • The games will be a reimagining of Pokemon Yellow.

  • There will not be any sort of online components in the games.

  • Any first generation Pokemon caught in Pokemon Go can be transferred into the game.

  • New, never before seen Pokemon will also be featured in the game.

  • The games can controlled by one Joy-Con with motion controls.

  • A new accessory called the Pokeball Plus will be available alongside the game that you can also use to control the entire game.

  • Catching Pokemon will be essentially the same as it is in Pokemon Go - there is no way to battle the Pokemon you encounter, only catch them - speeding up and simplifying the process.

  • Pokemon director Junichi Masuda stated that he was inspired to create the game to cater the many children that may not have been able to enjoy Pokemon Go due to not having a mobile device and the freedom to roam as they would need to.

  • The game was designed so that it can be used as a first step into the Pokemon franchise.

  • All original 151 Pokemon will be in the game as well as their Alolan forms.

  • Johto will not be featured in the game.

  • Battles against trainers will consist of the standard turn-based battle system we are used to.

  • Wild Pokemon can be seen roaming the world just like they are in Pokemon Go.

  • No confirmation on a Pokemon leveling system was given but it was confirmed that there would be some differences from the way they do in Pokemon Go.

  • Pikachu will ride on your shoulder in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee will ride on your head in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee.

  • Your starter Pokemon can not be evolved but others can be found in the wild which can be.

  • Secondary Pokemon can follow behind you and some will allow you to ride on their backs.

  • Trading will be a feature in the game as well as battling with others locally.

  • Two player local co-op is available in the game where a second player can play along with you as a form of support to help you capture Pokemon and battle trainers.

  • If a Pokemon is Shiny in Pokemon Go, it will be Shiny in Pokemon Let's Go as well.

The games are not considered part of the "core series" of Pokemon games and were not the games being referenced during Nintendo's E3 2018 showcase. It was revealed that the mainline game, which will be the 8th Generation of the Pokemon series, will be available in the second half of 2019 and will follow in the tradition of Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Sun and Moon.