Funny Business: Episode 10

In this episode of Funny Business, Corey, Kevin, Shawn & Matt start off by talking about what they've been watching and listening to lately which moves them into a discussion about album lengths and the difference between an EP and an LP. Then they discuss some recent news and pick out sequels that they think are better than original films and side projects they think are better than an artists primary music outlet. They wrap things up with a final topic about what it means to dress "business casual" and list off the new releases coming out within the next thirty days.

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After we recorded this podcast Kevin had the idea to clear up the "business casual" debate by coming up with a points system that will dictate whether you are "business", "casual" or the balance needed between the two.

Use this in the future to decide if you're doing too much or too little.

  • Blazer - 4

  • Button down - 3

  • Khakis - 3

  • Slacks - 3

  • Dress shoes - 3

  • Polo - 3

  • Sweater - 2

  • Tie - 2

  • Boat Shoes - 2

  • Jeans - 1

  • Belt - 1

  • Sneakers - -1

  • Hat - No

  • Pocket Square - Dude, why?

Anything lower than 10 is casual, 10 or higher is business casual.