2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Believe it or not, Christmas is just a few weeks away. And as I sat here anticipating Black Friday leaks and snow falling on my noggin, I started browsing random gift guides online and thought to myself "I should totally make one of these things". So I did. I had been planning on doing a series of YouTube videos about some things that I love - whether they be in my bag, on my person or just around the house - and this feels like the culmination of all of those ideas just in a written form rather than a video.

Maybe I'll still do those videos though.

I don't know. Anyways.

Head on over to this page to see a list of 42 things that I love that I think somebody that you love might also love. It could also just be a list that you use to figure out what you want to ask Santa for yourself because I'm sure you'll love them too.