Pokemon: Let's Go! Impressions

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Impressions

Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu is a condensed version of the widely adored Pokemon Yellow that took the world created for Pokemon Red and Blue and altered elements of the story and characters to mirror the popular television series of the same franchise. Let’s Go! has made some big changes that may not be appreciated by fans of the core Pokemon games – breeding, abilities, held items, random encounters and battling wild Pokemon have all been excluded in this offering. However, despite these omissions, Let’s Go remained a pleasantly deep surprise.

After partnering with Pikachu, you set off to fill the Pokedex, collect all eight gym badges, defeat the elite four and the champion and then thwart the evil Team Rocket. The storyline relies mostly on nostalgia and may seem nearly non-existent for those expecting the depth of

a traditional RPG - but to a Pokemon fan, seeing familiar faces and the beautifully reimagined monochromatic towns and cities satisfied my Pokemon cra