Aftercharge Beta Impressions

Aftercharge Beta Impressions

Aftercharge is a 3v3 shooter/stealth game that has a team of “Workonics” trying to destroy six electrical charges spread around the map while a team of “Enforcers” attempt to stop them. The Workonics are invisible until hit with a blast from the Enforcers and if they begin striking the electrical stations (which take 10 hits to break), or if the enforcers shoot near the Workonics, they are revealed - which is a place they want to be as the enforcers are able to charge up ammunition which is used for their gun or abilities at these charging stations. The Enforcers and Workonics are both broken up into 5 classes all of which are slightly different. The game ends with a victory for the Workonics if all electrical stations are destroyed and a victory for the Enforcers if they manage to shut down all of the Workonics.

The beta for Aftercharge really impressed me, technically - after six hours with the game I experienced no bugs, the game ran very smoothly and the graphics style is simple yet both practical and beautiful. After my first three matches I was having fun, however, all three matches were set in a snow-covered park. This became slightly worrisome as I had already grown tired of the location. Thankfully my fourth game threw me into a beautifully dark landscape with lush and colorful vegetation. On both of these maps, the electric station stood out due to the heavy contrast of the dark landscape.

I was having fun competing with my other teammates, switching back and forth between Workonic and Enforcer. Sadly, as I approached my last hour of Aftercharge, the loop hadn’t hooked me - the progression was almost non-existent and there wasn’t enough to separate the different classes of Workonics and Enforcers. I found that I liked playing as the liquidator enforcer and cyclops Workonic but that was mostly due to cosmetic preferences.

Both sides of the competitive online multiplayer are surprisingly balanced - the almost instant revival time makes rescue missions as a Workonic feel possible and rewarding. This is contrasted by the ability of the Enforcers to move the shut down Workonics into areas that are easily defended which gives the enforcer a sense of strategy beyond simply pointing and shooting. Sadly, this balance was periodically disrupted by players frequently leaving the game after being shut down which grew to be very frustrating.

Chainsawesome Games have created a fun but simple competitive multiplayer that fails to be engaging due to its lack of features and diversity. I do understand that this is only a beta and there is still time to diversify and expand the world of Aftercharge - so I have faith in them doing just that. As it stands, Aftercharge is a cool concept, it just needs more..concepts.

This review was written by freelance writer Michael Holmes and edited by Corey Putney. Follow Michael on Instagram: @michaeldholmes