A Surprise James Blake EP, beabadoobee’s New Album & More | In Review & Out Today

Dear 2020: keep the solid tunes coming but take away all the bad things in the world, k?

It’s been a busy week. But I did it to myself.

I randomly on like, Tuesday morning, decided that with next-gen coming I was going to prepare my studio space/side room for it. This meant selling a futon I purchased a couple years back because it was uncomfortable to sit on for an extended period of time and purchasing a little L-shaped couch that I could sit in more comfortably. This also meant selling the coffee table that sits in front of it because it would no longer fit with the couch in its place. This also meant selling a TV that wasn’t 4K and purchasing another one that was to get the much better experience. This also meant selling a TV stand that literally didn’t have a compartment big enough to fit a PS5 in it because that thing is so god damn big and purchasing a new tv stand with ample space for that giant system.

All of that happened within two days because I have absolutely no chill what-so-ever and when my mind is focused on something, I have to see it through or else I’ll keep thinking and thinking about it.

So essentially all of this stuff will be arriving next week, alongside a surge protector and a new HDMI cable, although I am just a little bit worried because the tv stand I bought is literally like 1.7 inches smaller than the TV which I hope doesn’t look fucking weird. I assume it’ll be fine but if it bothers me too much, I’m selling it and trying again, lololol.

I just want to have the best experience possible when these consoles drop so there’s still 3-4 weeks for me to be completely satisfied before I basically decide to live in that room — apologies to my wife in advance, ilysm. So hopefully these are the moves I needed to make to give me the exact aesthetic I’m going for. Will report back next week.

But speaking of games — nothing new is out this week which is totally fine because I still have so much to catch up on. But we did get some news! The PlayStation UI was finally shown off and I absolutely love it. The cards are a great feature that I can see myself utilizing like you wouldn’t believe — seeing it in action alongside Sackboy got me very, very excited since I also cannot wait to play that game. I also really liked the idea of the Picture-in-Picture option for watching a friends gameplay while you chat and the hints that can be provided in areas you may be stuck in within a game. Like Kinda Funny always says — this generation is about convenience and these helpful additions on top of the idea of faster load time and seamless switching between save-states — you have my attention, PlayStation.

There was also a Night City Wire about vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 — it was fine. The cars look good. I don’t think I need any more of these though. Unless they’re going to tell us, hey, the game is dropping a week early as a launch title, then I just don’t need this slow drip anymore — I’m sold, guys, just give it to me.

Outside of games, this was also the week Apple showed off their new iPhones which we’ll probably touch on briefly during Party Crashers next week, but I think I’m sold on the iPhone 12 Mini. As someone who always has his phone in his front pocket but also has plenty of other Apple Devices to do work on, a smaller phone to carry around with me more easily sounds nice. Is it a little regressive? Maybe? But I really only need it to scroll Instagram, look things up that I’m curious about, play music, jot down a few notes and text — and I can do all of that on a smaller screen.


Not just when it comes to video games — but phones too. Everything, really.

I finished The Haunting of Bly Manor this week also. It was really good. It’s crazy what it ended up to be — and the meta of the idea of the entire series being sold as a ghost story but ultimately being a love story in the end was actually really nice. A bit on the nose, but not in a bad way. I think they stuck the landing, they executed what they wanted to and I’m excited to see where they take this anthology series next.

James Blake dropped a surprise EP on Wednesday and straight up, it’s some of his best work. His production just keeps getting better and better, it evolves with each passing year to stay relevant, blend in what’s popular in music today while at the same time adding his own personal charm. The man is without a doubt one of the best musicians of our generation and any time we are gifted new tunes from his camp it is a blessing.

Outside of that, the only other music I’m anticipating is really the only thing that’s being released today that I feel like is worth touching on — that hot hot hot new beabadoobee album. If you like emo music, garage rock, bedroom acoustic ballads and just a genuine girl writing songs for a generation, this record is going to be for you. There’s so much going on here and she executes it so well that even at it’s saddest, it’ll probably put a smile on your face. The album is called Fake It Flowers and you should check it out immediately. Especially if you have like, Apple Music or Spotify or something. It’s not like it’s going to cost you more money to check it out so just do it.

Oh, and the new Matt Berninger album is out today too! He’s the vocalist from The National who I was supposed to see in Cooperstown this past Summer but, y’know, corona. I haven’t gotten a chance to check any of this out yet but I am very excited to give it a spin today. The man has written some of my favorite songs and albums ever made so I can’t imagine this is anything less than fantastic.

For singles, the new Justin Bieber track is actually pretty good, Rostam (ex-Vampire Weekend) finally released a new track and Lana Del Rey, who promised us an album last month gave us…a single. Which is fine. But where that album at Lana? And Drake, what about you? CRICKETS, HOMIE.

Other than that, like I said, we are recording Party Crashers soon - probably end of next week since HK is out of town until Wednesday. But this mayyyy be our final episode before the new consoles drop.

Actually, probably not. I think I may want to do one more hype-isode right before they get released where we just lose our shit a little bit, we’ll see.

But we are definitely recording Funny Business this week — it is time for our annual Halloween episode and for us to give our full blown thoughts on Hubie Halloween, Halloween candy, Halloween movies and all sorts of other stuff. I’m going to get the notes together this weekend so if you have any ideas for us, hit me up~~~~

What we DID record is a new episode of Bench Points — finally! Honestly we went in with like, no notes what-so-ever and it ended up being one of our favorite episodes. It’s definitely a fun listen. Even if you don’t like football, listen to the first fifteen minutes or so because we hardly even talk about it, lol.

That’s it — have a good weekend and watch Casper and let me know if you think it’s creepy how he keeps whispering “can I keep you?” Because I absolutely think it is.