American Horror Story: 1984 Looks Like Everything I Wanted It To Be

People are gonna diiiieeee.

First off, isn't it fucking weird how we love slashers the way that we do? Traditionally, the plot of them has never been great and it's just people running off to bang in an abandoned room and then getting slaughtered in the midst of it. A strange thing to glorify but at the same time I AM HERE FOR IT. There's something so intriguing about them - something that makes you watch along at the edge of your seat and root for those you have grown attached to and wish to live and also quite the opposite of that - wish the untimely death upon those that be buggin' you. (Again, morbid, right?)

Either way, yesterday we got our first look at American Horror Story: 1984 with an extended trailer that introduces us to our setting, Camp Redwood, and confirms that a masked killer is there to take names on these young 80's lookin' mfers. The aesthetic of it all screams summer - which will feel a little odd watching at the start of Fall but I don't think that's going to matter too too much. I find it interesting, however, that during every scene that we saw the killer in within this trailer happened to take place in broad daylight. I wonder if they're going to play on the trope of the killer only coming out at night and have his ass show up many times during the day instead. SPOOOOKY.

Anyways, what I find even more interesting than that is this website that American Horror Story has set up where you vote on who you think is going to live amongst the 9 chosen cast members. The idea of this has me super excited because just like I talked about previously, when you watch these slashery films you really do tend to root for certain characters like their athletes during a sporting event and now you have a legitimate reason to do so - the potential of a trip to LA and some AHS goodies and shit! It's like gambling without actually having to put up anything up front - the best kind of gambling!

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on FX on September 18th and looks to be my favorite season in quite some time. My fingers are crossed that my expectations are at least met.