Apparently FX Really, Really Loves The Month Of March | Rosemary Radar

For real though, some exec must have just been like "let's start all of our shows in March, fuck it!"

It's week full of new shows to watch and I am in no way complaining about that. This new show called "Breeders" premieres on FX tonight which may be good, it may not, but hey, it doesn't cost any additional funds on my end to simply check it out so I will do just that.

On top of that, we've got that new show featuring Lil Dicky called "Dave" premiering on FXX which again, may or may not be good - I'm not making predictions anymore. Last time I did that I got that Awkwafina show on Comedy Central which was NOT the second coming of Broad City like I had wanted it to be. No way, not even close.

Then on Thursday we've got Better Things and Cake both returning to FX and FXX respectively on top of Castlevania on Netflix and this new show called Devs on Hulu. I tell you what, man, these networks are taking full advantage of the last bit of Winter and limited daylight when the majority of us are indoors by flooding us with new shows. Again, not mad, bring 'em on - I just hope at least a couple of them are worth sticking around for.

Friday's looking pretty decent as well - new albums from Cassino and Swamp Dogg, Pixar's latest film Onward is finally hitting theaters, that Steven Spielberg reboot of Amazing Stories is launching on Apple TV+, etc. etc. etc. etc. THERE'S A LOT, GUYS. PLENTY OF TV. WATCH TV.

But also, yo, the demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on the PlayStation store so if none of that shit sounding even remotely interesting to you - go play that instead. Send it, friends.

Now on to Super Tuesday!