Apple's WWDC Announcements

Anyone wanna give me $12000 to buy that fat new Mac Pro?

Yesterday Apple held their 2019 WWDC Keynote where they announced updates to the operating systems for all of their core devices.

Apple TV is getting multiuser support, a new interface and support for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers for playing games - which will come in handy when they finally launch their game streaming service this Fall. We also got a look at one of their Apple TV Plus shows, For All Mankind, which begs the questions - what if the Soviets would have gotten to the moon before the United States did?

The Apple Watch is getting the long-demanded voice memo and calculator apps, new watch faces, a dedicated app store and an updated Health app that monitors noise and menstrual cycles.

Dark mode is finally coming to the iPhone with iOS 13 along with dark mode, new privacy tracking, updated memoji customization, new editing tools for photos and a suite of new features for editing video such as the ability to rotate and add filters to them. Siri can also now read you your messages through your Airpods, CarPlay will have more partnered apps and Siri will now be displayed as an overlay as opposed to needing it's own screen and Siri's voice has been updated to sound more natural.

iPad's now have their own operating system called iPadOS as opposed to running on the same OS as the iPhones, which allows the iPad to exist separately and act as that in-between device that we all love it for being. There is now the ability to multitask within the same app, column view in Files, folder sharing, the ability to plug in thumb drives and import photos from a camera, Safari will now pull up desktop sites as opposed to the mobile versions, more custom fonts and a much lower latency for the Apple pencil allowing even more precise markups.

MacOS Catalina will rid itself of iTunes and split it's main features into three apps - Music, which will host your Apple Music and purchased library, Podcasts for updating your podcast feed and Apple TV for all of your movies and television programs. A new app called Sidecar will now allow you to use your iPad as a second display, and project catalyst will allow developers to port their iPad apps to MacOS.

And lastly, Apple detailed their long-teased Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display which has some ridiculous specs you can read about over on their website. Essentially, it's the beefiest Mac ever made and can be updated to make it even more beefy if it wasn't already beefy enough for you. If you wanted to purchase both the Mac Pro and the monitor it's going to cost you $12000. Yeah. Yep.