Bon Iver Is Teasing Something & It's About Damn Time

Sincerity is forever, sure, but my patience for new music is not.

Don't get me wrong here - I'm not saying "it's about damn time" for Bon Iver to release new music - they did in 2016 and I'd never wish for any artist to rush out new material for the sake of staying consistent. If being a fan of Frank Ocean has taught me anything, it's that we must not rush perfection and that eventually you'll be blessed with the goods that your body requires - even if it takes four years and a couple false positives.

My issue right now, in the midst of the Summer of 2019, is just with music as a whole - I look at the next couple months and the only two albums I'm really anticipating are Clairo and (Sandy) Alex G - two albums over the course of what looks like 2-3 months - the entirety of this Summer. When it comes to the heavy hitters (for me, anyways) - Frank Ocean, Kayne West, The 1975, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, etc. - all is quiet. I hyped up 2019 as the greatest year in music and so far all of these records I thought we'd hear about by now, I'm not even sure are actually coming this year at this point. We do have Chance the Rapper coming this month but even with that one, we're either days or weeks away and we have no actual idea when to expect it.

Anticipation creates anxiety, I think. Or maybe it's just obsession. And listen, I know it sounds as if I'm somehow entitled to all of these artists giving me new music and you must know that I type this mostly tongue-in-cheek - exaggerating my requirements for the sake of the story - but, y'know, a nice update or something would be nice to ease my lil mind - lookin' at you Justin Bieber, SZA, The Strokes and anyone else that's currently leaving my hanging.

But anyways, that leads us to what we did receive from Bon Iver yesterday that's got me excited.

They posted a teaser trailer that I will link below and transcribe for you.

The video plays a track from each of the previous Bon Iver records alongside a video of the season in which the album is based on. A narrator describes what we are seeing.

"Born in winter.

Bloomed in spring. 

Stutter shimmered into summer.

And now, it might be autumn;

It might be.

Sincerity is forever in season. 

In the dark, you've gotta sing like you see the sun.

Sing the song for those who sing along.

You, Me, We."

So, based on that - I'm thinking two things.

1) We are getting a "Fall" sounding Bon Iver record which is something I have always pined for. For Emma, Forever Ago has always been a winter record, Bon Iver, Bon Iver sings the song of Spring and 22 A Million is as Summer of a Summer album as this band (Justin) is capable of. However, the pretty moody-ness of their music has always been perfect for a season that they've never really been a part of. So a "Fall" sounding album is everything I could have asked for.

2) We aren't getting this thing until Fall. Which means late September/early October which means this Summer will continue to be dry, dry, dry and this Fall I'm going to be drowning in new media. There's like a million games coming out, Google Stadia, Apple TV +, Disney +, etc. and now I have to schedule time to listen the best music of my lifetime? Put me in my casket.

Again, tongue in cheek - keep up, guys.

But seriously, bring on the tunes.