Bon Iver Releases New Album Three Weeks Early

Surprise, surprise!

Remember when we thought we'd have to wait three more weeks to listen to the new Bon Iver album? HA! A thing of the past, that notion is because here we are, August 9th, with the entire thing on our streaming service of choice just itching to be cried over.

On Wednesday, August 7th, there were listening parties held at random location throughout the U.S where the album would be heard by whoever was lucky enough to be present. During these events people began capturing clips of every song via snapchat, instagram, etc. which were all being compiled within a Reddit thread in r/boniver where fans were essentially crafting together recordings into a makeshift album. This continued throughout the night until very early in the morning on Thursday, the album had leaked in full.

From there, the rest of the songs from the new album, i,i, began releasing on streaming platforms one song at a time, every hour of the day until about 11 AM EST when every track was now available except for the 30 second intro, which would be held until the albums official release, which was now bumped up to today. August 9th.

So what happened? Who knows, who cares, right? WE HAVE IT NOW.

But seriously. Was this the plan all along? To say it's coming out the 30th but to surprise everyone early once the listening sessions took place? Or was this in response to a leak or all of the clips that were floating around online?

I'm leaning more toward the former for the simple fact that multiple publications had their reviews online moments after the album was made available. To have your review for an album ready to go three weeks ahead of time seems unlikely and in order for them to have written already they must have received their copies weeks ago. So certain publications, MUCH BIGGER THAN MINE, must have been told within a press release that the album was releasing much earlier than advertised and to have their impressions of it prepared ahead of time.

But again, who know, who cares. The album is now in our possession and it's every bit as wonderful as I had always expected it to be. You can listen to i,i now on Apple Music, Spotify or whatever streaming service it is that you use.