Chance The Rapper BLESSES US With Previous Mixtapes

Just a few days after Christmas is a giant mixed opportunity though.

You know, last night during night two of the Democratic Presidential Debate Andrew Yang was up there talking about how he wants to give every American over the age of 18 $1000 each month to straight up do whatever they want with and honest to God I could USE IT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE CHANCE JUST DROPPED AT LEAST THAT MANY DOLLARS WORTH OF MERCH LAST NIGHT.

But before we get to the things that cost additional money, lets discuss how as of right now if you have Apple Music, Spotify or whatever other service that you use - you can now stream Chance's first two mixtapes, 10 Day and Acid Rap in addition to the previously readily available Coloring Book. This is some of Chance's finest work and previously you would have had to find a copy of it online, download it and toss it up into the cloud to listen to it on your phone and who honestly wants to do all that - plus, Chance wasn't making that stream money off of that at all since his whole MO in the early part of his career was to release everything for free.

Well, times are obviously changing because his next release, which he pens as his "debut album" since the others are technically considered mixtapes, will be sold worldwide in addition to it being on the same streaming services. That album, which still remains untitled, will release sometime in the month of July - what day that is, we aren't sure - but hey, Chancellor - technically July starts in like three days sooooo how about then? Thx. You can pre-order it on his website now though.

Now, onto where all that free #yanggang money should be going toward - vinyl. Sweatshirts. Hats and shit. Because not only are these albums up for streaming but he's also set up an online store for each album with enough items to surely fill up that grand. I'm just trying to jive to Juke Jam on my Crosley, y'all. Damn.