Corey & Casey Discuss 'In Defense of the Genre' & Other Stuff! | Modern Classics: Episode 1

Is 'In Defense of the Genre' a Modern Classic? Is the self titled better? How long is Casey's novel?! All these questions and more answered in the reboot of Modern Classics!

Modern Classics is back! Corey & Casey have decided to put The Morning Brew on hold for now in favor of returning to the very first podcast either of them ever did here on Rosemary Media — Modern Classics! You’ll still get their normal banter and updates about what they’ve been up to but now all of that discussion leads into a main topic of one singular piece of entertainment — whether it be an album, film, television series or game that was released within the 2000’s that they see as a Modern Classic. In the first episode of this reboot Corey & Casey are talking about Say Anything’s ‘In Defense of the Genre’.

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