Crash Bandicoot 4, South Park’s Pandemic Special & More | In Review & Out Today

Oh and Star Wars Squadrons! And Fargo! And more reasons to stay inside!

So Donald Trump has covid. How about that.

Anyways - another week of my life and your lives is official in the rear-view and we have somehow found ourselves all wrapped up in October already.

And yo, I am not mad about it.

Not even in the slightest. It’s been rainy outside, tons of spooky shows and movies and specials are getting announced for this month, the Animal Crossing Fall update is out now so I can just grow pumpkins, make some Halloween decor and rage through Nook’s and Able’s for dope ass costumes and is okay. Even in the midst of a pandemic — its about the little things, y’know? If you can find a simple solace watching a halloween special on tv with some espresso and Animal Crossing, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of espresso, though — Megan and I realized we beefed it hard with our current coffee/espresso combination machine and basically realized we needed to toss that thing out — who knew you had to clean it and change the filter and all that?

But in that process we went out and bought just a solo espresso maker and decided to just do pour-over coffee from now on. But yo, that espresso? I’m out here with my manual burr grinder, crushing those beans one by one, dropping it like it’s hot into that machine with my tamper, frothing oat milk and SLINGING CAPPUCCINOS. I’m a regular home-taught barista and my wife couldn’t be more excited to reap the benefits.

Speaking of her, Wednesday was also our second anniversary and she’s the best person I’ll ever know so shoutouts to her for being my boo.

I started watching the new season of Fargo this week — I like it! Not as much as previous seasons but honestly I think that’s to be expected. That show always has a kind of buildup to it. Most good shows do. (Breaking Bad, anyone?) I’m intrigued by the subject matter, Chris Rock is doing a wonderful job and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

South Park also aired their Pandemic Special on Wednesday and thanks to the power of HBO Max, it was added there last night so I was able to check it out since Hulu Live TV does not include Comedy Central. WORK OUT A DEAL, GUYS.

But I didn’t mind waiting - and it was worth the wait! It was a fun little special, despite me possibly maybe being slightly over to whole Tegridy Farms thing and despite me possibly maybe being slightly over Randy being the main focus for so many episodes as of late. Some things are just better in smaller doses — not every episode being solely about Cartman, or Butters, or Randy and either centering them around the main group of boys, or exploring new ideas so that when you do make a Randy episode, it’s a little more special.

But all in all, they touched on a lot of what’s been happening in the last six months since they’ve been off the air in typical South Park fashion and it was entertaining to watch but nothing I’m itching to go back and watch again. Which I think is in part just do to the fact that we have to see, hear about and live this life every single day and the media we consume is kind of an escape from that, so when that media is choosing it as their subject matter, it’s cool, but also, it’s too much.

I also watched the Presidential Debate this week but uh… not much to say about that one. We all saw it. We know who the fucking big giant orange faced baby in the room was. And now he has covid so it’s funny the way that works out. I stg if he drops some “Pocahontas” shit again so nonchalant I’m gonna jump through glass.

As for what’s out today - two big games are at the top of my list - Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and Star Wars Squadrons. I grew up playing Crash games and this fourth rendition looks like the perfect return to form for the series, I love the modernization of it, the simple quality of life features that make it more accessible to those that don’t want to get irate at their video games and the amount of content that there is to get through — seems like they knocked it out of the park.

And for Star Wars Squadrons — while first person games aren’t traditionally my forte, any game that gives me the lights and the sounds of that Star Wars universe is absolutely something I want to be a part of. Just having something *feel* like Star Wars, with myself being tossed in the cockpit to take out these fleets, I’m all in. It probably won’t be a game I play too often but the concept of these over the top controls and things you need to maintain to run your ship properly while playing online against others has me so very interested.

And for music — I really thought Matt Berninger’s album was releasing today but apparently it’s not and that’s now on the docket for two weeks from now but despite that, I’m still really excited to check out Shamir’s new album today as well as the new Dawes record. I’d probably recommend that you do the same. I also see there’s another Bon Iver feature, this time on a Jim-E Stack song, another Gorillaz Song Machine this time featuring Elton John and 6LACK as well as a new album from Bryson Tiller as well, which I think I’ll give a shot too.

Other than that, we recorded the latest episode of Funny Business last night — it’s a very good one. Definitely check that out if you do the podcast thing which at this point, who doesn’t? OR! Make this your first time listening to a podcast! We drink Stewart’s Mountain Brew and here’s a spoiler: it’s not good! But it’s a fun time and I think you’d all enjoy it. Another Bench Points is coming soon as well as the Funny Business Halloween Special which I’ve got some ideas up in my head for. We’ll get that recorded pretty soon so you have the rest of October to check it out.

Oh, we also talk about the new Borat trailer in Funny Business, so I won’t talk too much about it here, but dear god, thank you, Sacha Baron Cohen. Thank you so much for your gift.

Have a good week, everyone! Watch that Borat trailer! Listen to Shamir! Play Crash! Drink better beer than Mountain Brew (that only cost $3.19 for a 6 pack)!