Destiny 2 Announces Major Changes & Next Expansion

Bungie is now free from the grips of Activision and they're making it count.

Bungie hosted a livestream today where they showed off their next expansion, Shadowkeep, and they also used that time to announce a slew of other changes coming to the game as well. Among those changes is the fact that Destiny is now accepting the term MMO and wants to let the world change like it never has before. Cross-save is being introduced to the franchise so that you can play the game anywhere - on your PS4, Xbox, PC, Stadia - you'll be allowed to jump back and forth between each and continue upgrading your same character.

The game will also move toward a sort-of free-to-play structure by offering Destiny 2: New Light, which starts you off on the Cosmodrome from the original Destiny and will grant you access to the base game. You can now purchase all of the previous updates and expansions prior to Shadowkeep for $40. Shadowkeep will be $35 and you will not need Destiny 2 in order to play it - the game will exist on it's own.

Many other updates are heading your way in the world of Destiny and an in depth write-up can be seen over on IGN. Shadowkeep launches on September 17th of this year.