Did Netflix Just Drop A HOT Spoiler About TEOTFW2?

Netflix drops a new poster and a release date for The End of the Fucking World 2.

When the first season of The End of The Fucking World premiered on Netflix it was a surprise hit. It was one of those cult-like shows that isn't going to be talked about in any sort of award winning conversations but it's simply just, entertaining. It's funny, it's intense, it's full of action and heart and yet, the main character were downright evil. The show was almost cartoon-y in a sense because of the situations the characters would find themselves could at times be so unrealistic - but that's what made it so much fun to watch.

Well, that paired with the fact that each episode was only about 15 minutes long and you could wipe out the first season in an afternoon which should make you so proud of yourself.

Anyways, SPOILER, but the first season ends with our male lead, James, presumably being shot dead. However, it was never confirmed that his character was gone for good so many fans of the show started conjuring up ideas as to how he could have survived - mostly revolving around, y'know, a stray bullet or something. Either way, we held out hope that this shit skateboarding would find his way into the second season, whenever that was to happen.

And then Netflix dropped a poster on us.


First glance: It seems Alyssa is in a wedding dress - aw, how sweet, maybe her and James run off and get marri----

Looks closer: Oh wow. An urn. With what I'm assuming are James' ashes inside. And Alyssa's crazy as hell so she probably thinks she married his ashes or something. Great, cool. Our hopes and dreams of James being alive are gone, our modern day Bonnie & Clyde have ceased to exist and now Alyssa has to go about her escape solo. Which she can handle - she bad as hell but DAMN Netflix.

I mean, I get it, let's get this out of the way early - let's confirm the fact that James is gone so our expectations aren't all weird going into the November 5th release day, sure. And okay, they could also be throwing us a curveball. Maybe it isn't James' ashes - maybe they are somebody else's. Maybe it's a trophy of someone that they kill since this entire show was based on James' thirst for blood anyways.

I guess we'll have to wait and see which is actually okay because we don't have to wait long at all - less than a month? That's how much time there should always be between announcement and release date.

Take notes, everyone else!