Disney Is Finally Giving Us The Remakes We Deserve


So an announcement was made during the 2019 GME Conference - aaaand we're going to stop right there because I assume nobody knows what the GME Conference is.

Apparently it's a GameStop Conference because with all of the money they haven't been making over the last few years they still think it's a good idea to host some sort of company wide meeting that surely costs them money. Personally, I think this might have been something else they could have cut from their budget instead of employees BUT I DIGRESS.

And I mostly digress because at least this make believe conference led to one of my favorite announcements made so far this year. The 1993 Aladdin game and the 1994 The Lion King game, previously released for the Sega Genesis (and the SNES for The Lion King only) are being remade to be released this October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Now, this makes sense because what else did we get this year? Both of these films made into live action remakes. Disney clearly had this planned all along and kind of get to hit us with not a one-two punch but a one-two-three because they got to release the live action remakes first, then they'll get to drop these classic game remakes, and then the original movies will land on Disney+ in November so they can milk these franchises for an entire year on top of the toys and other merchandise that goes along with them.

When it comes to remakes, I'm not one of those people that's all like "we don't need this - it ruins the originals!" because it doesn't. Sequels, remakes, remasters, whatever - I don't think any of those change or hurt something that came before it. Those still exist as they are and if you don't agree with something else being made within that IP just don't watch and/or play them - then they don't have to exist to you. Modernizing something can be a good thing - updating it's visual appearance, getting the product into the hands of a new generation that may have missed it previously, and in the case of video games - updating the controls and tightening up the way that it's played.

Apparently these remakes, which will be packaged together, will feature the ability to switch from the remake style back to the original at any moment as well as a fast forward and rewind feature to assist you in getting through some of the hardest levels - and if I remember these games correctly, some of them are VERY difficult. So this is only good news.

So bring them on! And while we're at it let's get remakes of Rugrats: Search for Reptar, Chef's Luv Shack and that Beavis & Butthead game.