Dr. Mario World Is Out & Once Again Nintendo Got Me To Play A Mobile Game

Guess what: it's super fun. No surprise there.

I've come to the conclusion that the only way I'm going to invest my time into a mobile game is if Nintendo makes it - and I'm totally okay with that. And it's not even completely because of the fact that Nintendo makes good games - but also because as a 29 year old man, mobile games, to me, have always been of a lesser-value than that of a console release and if I'm going to invest any amount of extended time playing a game, I would much rather do it with a controller in hand on my console of choice.

The flip side of that is what you get when you look at the younger generation and how they grew up playing games as opposed to how we did. Their first console wasn't an NES or Sega Genesis - their first experience playing video games was not with a controller in hand. Instead, they grew up playing Minecraft or Candy Crush or Pokemon Go on their parents iPhone or the iPad they were gifted for Christmas. Touch screens are all they know and these shorter, free experiences plagued with microtransactions and "gotcha" mechanics are what they know games to be.

So because of this, I don't view mobile games the same way a younger generation might - and because of that, the only ones that I think of as quality experiences are those that are being based around franchises and characters that I already know and love - a perfect first example is the only non-Nintendo related title I'm going to bring up that further proved my point - Tony Hawk's Skate Jam. Not the best game - but it brings me back to a simpler time of playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, watching skate videos and listening to Box Car Racer. So since I'm nostalgic for this namesake already I am more than willing to give this condensed, mobile-sized version a shot by default.

Now, with the outlier out of the way - let's look at the only other mobile games I randomly check in on:

• . Pokemon Go

• . Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

• . Super Mario Run

Nintendo games. Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite didn't grab me in the slightest, by the way.

Then you look at that other mobile game Nintendo put out - Dragalia Lost - not exactly a genre that interests me but on top of that, not an already established character. I think it's a trust thing - mobile games are so hit and miss and the App Store is filled with so much shovel-ware that I just don't want to invest in something that's gonna burn me.

With all of that being said - Florence is an amazing mobile game. A new, fantastic IP that's been an indie darling since it released but not exactly something you can continuously return to since it's just a short, 40 minute experience. There's also games like Stardew Valley, Donut County, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile - sure, sure. But those games also exist on my consoles and if given the choice, I'm going to play them there.

So at the end of the day I guess I'd just like to thank Nintendo for creating these games so that I do have something to play when I'm on the go and just want something I can play in a short-burst. Dr. Mario World is addicting, charming, nostalgic and most of all - free. I'm so happy it exists and if I had some mobile version of Crash, Spyro, Halo, Cuphead are any other exclusive IP from Microsoft of Sony, maybe I'd play those too.

But then again...don't waste your resources.

Play Dr. Mario World.