Drake’s Demo Tapes, Hollywood & More | This Week In New Releases - 5.1.20

It’s looking like a pretty dry May so let’s hope for some surprise rainfall, am I right?

It’s officially May! And I swear, if I see anybody at all on my Facebook timeline throwing up that Justin Timberlake meme, they’re getting the automatic boot from the friends list and that’s a promise. But in all actuality, it feels a bit strange to already be in May, doesn’t it? It’s been almost two months since I’ve been officially “locked down”, so to speak, and it truly does feel like life has just kind of been on hold for a bit. So for it to finally be the month in which things start to open up for the summer - typically by Memorial Day, which just so happens to also be on my birthday this year - it’s weird. A return to some sort of normalcy looks to be just around the corner as states begin to unpause and talk of vaccines and cures ramp up — I just hope we’re all going to be okay. To have trust in the system that they’ll do for us what it’s most safe, I suppose. It was a pretty good week, honestly. A WWE Games announcement on Monday, a lackluster Stadia Connect on Tuesday (both of which will be discussed in Party Crashers next week) as well as a Parks & Recreation reunion special-of-sorts done via video chat that wasn’t perfect, but was welcomed with open arms. And on top of all of that, two indie games released this week which couldn’t have come at a better time since as of yesterday morning, I have officially beaten Final Fantasy 7 Remake — which was fantastic by the way. Moving Out, a couch co-op title about packing up things into a truck was released on Tuesday and I promise you it’s more fun than it sounds. Think Overcooked, but about picking up beds and nightstands and stuff. It’s a fun game that I’m certain is 100000 times more fun with a friend. And on Thursday we saw the release of Streets of Rage 4 — which, if I’m being honest, I was skeptical yet excited about. Equally balanced. Simply because it’s a series that I gore up playing and was thrilled to hear that it was returning, however, it’s always been kind of one-note — enter a frame, punch enemies, move on to next frame, boss battle. And while it is exactly that, the art style, the points system — it’s an addicting little dose of nostalgia and I’m very much enjoying it. Although, I do think it’s best served in small bits at a time. Play for 30-60 minutes and move on, pick it up again the next day - savor the experience before it gets too repetitive playing it consecutively. I also picked up Persona 5: Royal because apparently I like to torture myself. Anyways. Music: Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes (Album) Car Seat Headrest - Making A Door Less Open (Album) Damien Jurado - What’s New, Tomboy? (Album) JPEGMAFIA - “BODYGUARD!” (Single) PUP - “Anaphylaxis (Single) BADBADNOTGOOD - “Goodbye Blue” (Single) CHVRCHES - “Forever (Separate But Together)” (Single) Oasis - “Don’t Stop… (Demo)” (Single) Big Thief - “Love in Mine” (Single) Kehlani - “F&MU” (Single) Megan Thee Stallion - “Savage Remix (feat. Beyonce)” (Single) H.E.R - “Wrong Places” (Single) Arca - “Nonbinary” (Single) Television: Upload (Prime) Hollywood (Netflix) All Day and a Night (Netflix) The Half of It (Netflix) Reckoning (Netflix) Trying (Apple TV+) Betty (HBO) Film: Bull (VOD) Games: • Super Toy Cars 2 (Xbox One) • Chop Is Dish (Xbox One) Arcade Spirits (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) Robot Squad Simulator X (Xbox One) Miden Tower (Xbox One) Gun Crazy (Switch) Fight The Horror (Xbox One) 911 Operator Deluxe Edition (Switch) Swapperoo (Switch) Down The Rabbit Hole (PSVR) As for what I’d recommend this week — honestly, new Drake is always welcome so check out his new tape but aside from that..shit, man, I don’t know. New Car Seat Headrest isn’t getting great reviews and I didn’t care much for the singles, that Hollywood show on Netflix also doesn’t look very promising despite being Ryan Murphy’s new joint. No big games coming today. Huh. Well. I guess maybe I’ll start Persona then. See you in 120 hours.