First Impressions of Taylor Swift's Latest Album, 'folklore'

With only about fifteen hours notice, Taylor Swift has released her eighth studio album.

For the better part of ten years I’ve considered myself a Taylor Swift fan. Do I like all of her songs? Of course not. But I always saw the potential of her songwriting abilities buried within various records filled with catchy pop songs and cheesy ballads. There have been numerous gems — “All Too Well” may still remain the best song she’s ever penned, meanwhile the glossy-yet-retro pop sound from 1989 also contained much to write home about.

And yet, she still has to play the game. She’s still signed to a major label, she still has to fill in the seats of massive arenas and she still needs to get herself on the radio — that’s what someone in her position has to do to stay relevant, to keep a cashflow and to fulfill the contracts that you’ve already signed.

And then a pandemic happened.

And instead of just cozying up to Netflix and pondering about the awful-ness that existed outside her front door, Taylor used this opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and do something totally different. There aren’t