FX Announces Premiere Dates For Two Fan Favorites

It's the first sign of Fall, y'all.

Yesterday, FX made the two announcements that I look forward to them making each and every year - premiere dates for two of their best shows - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and American Horror Story.

American Horror Story is up first with a September 18th premiere date for their slasher-in-the-making "1984" themed season. While I wasn't a fan of the last season at all, this looks right up my alley. Nothing says Fall and Halloween like a 80's style slasher and from what we've seen, this looks like it's going to scratch that itch so hard that your skin will start to peel.

Although what's throwing me off here is that within the image that FX posted announcing this date you can see a woman pressed up against a door and what looks like deer antlers coming in after her. Now, deers are cool and cute and all but I swear to God if they pull some shit where there isn't some masked killer at all and instead it's a bunch of rabid ass deer chasing after the mf'ers I'm out. It would be such an AHS thing to do too - just another one of those seasons I get all hyped up for and by episode two I'm like "what the fuck is going on" and care so little that I don't stay to find out. I hope it's not. Please be good.

And next up we've got It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia returning for their 10000th season or something. Okay, maybe not that many but this show has been on forever and I promise I'm not complaining. I remember at one point during an interview somebody had stated that they treat this show the same way a cartoon like the Simpson's is treated. The characters don't need to age (even though they clearly have because they are actual people and not cartoons) and their stories don't need to make sense as far as continuity goes - each episode just needs to be them in a different situation than we've seen them in before tackling a new, or tired, issue. That's it.

The show returns exactly one week after AHS: 1984 on September 25th and now that Dennis and Dee's shows have both been cancelled, have no fear at all that both of them won't be there for the entirety of the season. Mac and Charlie, on the other hand, they've got their new Apple TV+ show going on so will they have reduced roles this time around? Honestly, probably not - that show premieres this Fall and I believe they've already wrapped on it.

The Fall, to me, is the most exciting time of the year in pop culture - between all the Oscar nominated films being released, all the shows coming back and the biggest games of the year being released it seems like every time the weather gets a little chilly, we are forced indoors by the massive amounts of new media and I, for one, am not complaining.