Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 Impressions


“Maybe Cercei will kill us all.  That would solve our problems.”

You know what I love about Game of Thrones?  It’s the rare show that takes the time to let episodes and entire storylines simmer, even in the final season.  After last week’s battle extravaganza, I think we were due an episode that slowed things down a bit, and recalibrated everything before we move on to the next Westeros clusterfuck.  And we are definitely moving towards the mother of all clusterfucks.

The episodes begins with some truly somber shit as we watch the lifeless bodies of Theon, Jorah, Edd, Beric, and Lyanna Mormont being outdoor cremated while Jon Snow says some standard epic fantasy funeral folderol.  I feel like we said goodbye to these characters in the last episode, so I’m not sure we needed to relive it again, although seeing Sansa cry over the lifeless body of Theon was a particularly touching moment.

I am so happy to see Varys start scheming again. He has been relegated to a background role for a few season’s now, and you could literally see the point where he put himself back in the game during tonight’s episode.  Daenerys’ paranoia is at all time high after watching Jon Snow be showered with compliments after the Battle of Winterfell, and Varys knows that this is his chance to insert himself into the proceedings to become a major player as ownership of the iron throne shifts.  Luckily for him, Sansa Stark can keep a secret for about half a day at best.

"If you look back on Arya’s character arc, she has never been the type to want to commit to something that would involve giving a part of herself to someone else"

I was so happy to see Arya turn down Gendry’s proposal, and state once and for all that she is not a lady, and that she does not see herself ever getting married. This union seems like a no-brainer for both the viewer and the characters, but that’s exactly what is so brilliant about it not happening.  If you look back on Arya’s character arc, she has never been the type to want to commit to something that would involve giving a part of herself to someone else, whether that involves a relationship or becoming one of the faceless men who assassinate people while impersonating someone close to them.  But that’s basically what marriage is anyway, am I right fellas?  Just kidding, my wife is the shit.  Instead Arya chooses to go back on the road with the Hound, AKA the Westeros version of Lethal Weapon.  And in this version, they’re both getting too old for this shit.  P.S. I laughed out loud when The Hound asked if she was going to leave him for dead again if he got hurt, and Arya respond “probably.”

This episode also gave us a chance to say goodbye to some characters in a non-death fashion which is rare for GOT.  Saying goodbye to Tormund, Sam and Ghost was one of the more poignant moments from this season, and I’m not going to lie, Sam saying “You’re the best friend I ever had” to Jon as his final line fucking killed me.  If this is the last time we see this character, it is such a fitting ending.

Some final thoughts.  I am so happy to have the Lannister brothers back together, even if it’s only for an episode.  I’m pretty sure Arya is going to be the one to kill Daenerys, and ultimately be the hero of the entire show.  Brienne is quite possibly the most pure character in the entire show, and it was absolutely heartbreaking watching her realize that she was wrong about Jaime, or perhaps that she was right about him.  Either way, her heart is broken during the only episode where she might feel whole in the first place.  Jaime will only be redeemed if he becomes the Queen Slayer at some point during the last two episodes (which, if it happens, I think will cost him his life).

Anyway, I am so excited for the final two episodes, while simultaneously being upset that there are only two episodes left.  Why do I feel like there’s no possible way I’ll be satisfied with the outcome of this series?  Maybe I need to start reading the books. Yeah, I’m going to do that.  We should all start reading more books.

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