Google Announces Stadia Streaming Platform

The future of gaming is here.

Google has officially revealed its streaming platform called Stadia which looks to change the future of gaming by appealing to developers, streamers and players alike. Stadia will exist on any platform that contains Google Chrome - including your tablet, phone, computer or television via ChromeCast. A specific controllers for the platform will also be made available that connects via wifi to control your game with the least amount of latency - however, other controllers will also work as well.

Games can be played in 4K at 60 FPS and will be powered in-house within Google's own servers so that the power of your device is not responsible for the game's performance. So whether you're gaming on a MacBook or an old iPod Touch, the platform should work seamlessly and will adjust according to your internet connection.

Some features include the ability to join a streamers game immediately, purchase a game you are watching and be playing within five seconds, cross-progression, being able to access YouTube to view tutorials when you get stuck and much, much more.

As someone that was lucky enough to take part in Project Stream last year when Assassins Creed Odyssey was being offered to demo the service, I can honestly say that the entire experience was pretty seamless and their idea for the future of gaming isn't a far-fetched one by any means.

See a full write-up of features over at and stay tuned for further information later this year in regards to price and release date as Google has promised that the service will be made available this year.