Gotta Catch 'Em All, Light Sabers! (New Release Friday)

Check out all of the biggest releases that are available now!

It's the best day today because I need to find a way to divide my time between two or three things and I'm NOT even mad about it. Pokemon: Sword & Shield are officially out now and so is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Both speak to the nostalgic part of my brain and it's going to be pure euphoria when I get home from work today and can finally play these games.

Yes, when I get home from work - because Best Buy needs to get their new release/pre-order schedule in order and find a better way to advertise when they are or aren't doing a 9 PM release. It's pretty frustrating when every time I go there, nobody knows what I'm talking about or where my product is. I'll talk more about this on the Brew this week - don't you worry about that.

Anyways - back to positive stuff!